Water Softener Perth Company – Launched Scale Removal Treatment Products

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Integraflow has released updated water softener products for customers in Clarkson, WA, and surrounding areas, looking to replace hard water with soft water solutions.

Integraflow, a water treatment solutions company based in Perth, WA, has launched an updated range of water softeners that use ion exchange to remove hard minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, replacing them with softer minerals to reduce scale on pipes and appliances.

For more details, please visit https://integraflow.com.au/services/water-softeners-perth

The recently updated products are efficient at removing hard minerals from water, with the resulting softer water requiring less soap and cleaning effort.

Hard water is a term that refers to water that has calcium and magnesium minerals at or above 200 mg/L. These levels lead to scaling in appliances, mineral stains and spotting on glassware. Soft water, meanwhile, refers to water that has calcium and magnesium removed and replaced with a softer alternative.

Water softeners work using a process called ion exchange, turning it from hard water to soft water. When hard water passes through resin beads, calcium and magnesium are attracted to the resin and removed from the water. Following this, sodium is released, therefore swapping one mineral with the other. Unlike hard water, soft water does less damage to appliances and piping, improving performance and lifespan.

Water softeners provide many benefits such as reduced scum and calcification on pipes and kitchenware, improved performance of dishwashers and washing machines, less discolouration on white fabrics and even softer skin and hair.

Another, less obvious, benefit of using a water softener is reduced heating bills.

Integraflow Water Care offers Puretec and Water Ways products for both commercial and domestic purposes. All prices seen on the website include shipping and delivery, Australia-wide. The company provides an aftercare support service with their supply chain partners, providing customers with peace of mind.

For customers wanting to find out about water hardness in their area, Integraflow is also offering a complimentary testing service for residents or industries in Western Australia.

Integraflow specialises in water treatment systems with a focus on water filtration, iron removal, pH balancing and water softening across WA.

One satisfied customer said: “Integraflow provided excellent advice over the phone and great friendly customer service in-store. I highly recommended them for anyone looking for home filtration solutions and parts.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://integraflow.com.au