Epic Relaxing Binaural Beat Sound Wave Healing Therapy For Meditation & More

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MC Medina announces epic binaural beat therapy projects. The motivational speaker and sound engineer uses the alpha & gamma patterns to promote relaxation from anxiety & stress.

MC Medina of Conscious Minds Entertainment teases new projects to help the wellness community achieve spiritual balance through sound therapy. The upcoming projects are recommended for yoga, meditation, & relaxation.

An example of how the sound therapy projects will sound can be heard at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YEcQDCj4qs

The announcement comes when more people are suffering from mental disturbances brought about by the current health crisis. According to the latest medical research, over 90% of people in major cities around the world today report feeling stressed, anxious, and/or depressed. These mental struggles may cause difficulties in everyday life and often manifest as physical symptoms such as fatigue, disease, & cancer.

MC Medina is an artist, motivational speaker, music producer, & elite DJ. The Vibes of Creation album projects focus on binaural beat therapy to align the mind towards happiness. Medina focuses on using the alpha pattern, which has been control lab tested, studied, & proven to encourage relaxation.

Binaural beat therapy is a form of sound wave therapy. In this experience, the right and left ear receive a slightly different frequency which the brain perceives as a single tone. The slight discrepancy causes subtle shifts in how the brain functions and, is used to encourage feelings of bliss, happiness, joy, and ultimately unconditional love.

There are five different frequency patterns that are generally used by wellness specialists. These are delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. Each tone promotes a different mental effect. These frequencies are commonly known as Solfeggio in the holistic community.

For his upcoming projects, MC Medina chose the alpha pattern which is set at a frequency of seven to 13 Hz. Our research shows that his sound therapy is often used for general relaxation, more focused yoga & meditation and law of attraction sessions.

When asked why he is releasing new sound wave therapy tracks, Medina says that the current Covid-19 – Corona Virus health crisis has devastated everyone around the world, including their mental health. Medina says his intention is that his new binaural beat therapies will alleviate some of the mental, & emotional fatigue we are all feeling.

Medina says that he will be giving away free music to the first 1,000 subscribers of his YouTube channel. There you will find life hack tips & tricks, plus more music, mixes, & podcast interviews.

The artist is also available as a keynote speaker for schools, businesses, & religious institutions.

Find more details by visiting https://www.lovemedina.com