Auckland NZ Real Estate Virtual Tour – 360-Degree Photography Launched

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Web & Design Boutique has launched an updated virtual tour service for Auckland clients. They work with real estate professionals, museums and architects to offer engaging panoramic photography and more.

A newly updated virtual tour service has been launched for real estate agents and architects in Auckland, New Zealand. Web & Design Boutique offers 360-degree photography, videos and virtual tours to increase engagement and drive more sales.

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With the newly updated service, they aim to ensure that more local clients can optimise their marketing and promotional campaigns.

Photos and videos are an important part of the sales process for real estate professionals, galleries and museums because they create immediate interest. However, through offering virtual tours, clients can take this a step further.

Auckland clients can now offer location-based 360-degree panoramic photography and virtual tour services to cover all aspects of their setting.

Web & Design Boutique has a specialist team who will handle the conversion work to create and edit the standard photographs, before turning it into a unique virtual tour experience.

Through implementing this service, clients can shift their offers and services online to increase reach and accessibility.

Businesses are able to integrate additional features to their virtual tour to make it their own, with their own individual style and flair. Options include slideshows, videos, animations, or live video chat to engage prospects and answer any queries they have.

With this newly updated service, any location that can be visited in person can be optimised for the digital landscape. Virtual immersion provides a direct solution to the challenges of the pandemic, enabling businesses to operate in keeping with safety precautions.

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It also represents a powerful solution for real estate professionals, who can more easily showcase the homes they’re offering. Floor plans can also be created through the service, adding an extra layer of insight for buyers.

A spokesperson for the company states: “We use a specialised two lens camera, the Ricoh Theta Z1, to create professional 360 panorama images very swiftly in high quality. For the creation and configuration of these immersive virtual tours we use 3DVista software.”

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