Suffolk UK Chicken Harness Crop Support Bra Poultry Equipment Launched

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Chicken Breeder has released a range of chicken harnesses and crop support bras that allow owners to exercise their chickens safely and provide their chickens with support and protection.

Chicken Breeder, a company based in Suffolk, England, that provides poultry-related equipment for non-commercial chicken owners, has launched a range of chicken harnesses and chicken crop support bras.

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The newly launched range of chicken harnesses offers chicken owners the ability to exercise their chickens safely and under the control of their owners using a leash. The range of chicken crop support bras provides chickens with protection from crop disease and chest injuries and supports pendulous crops.

There is a long history of families and individuals owning chickens in urban areas for non-commercial food production or as pets. The practice is increasing, with interest significantly rising in the last year. Approximately 1% of US households have backyard chickens, and in the UK, around 200,000 households own chickens. However, in urban backyards, it is more difficult for chickens to be free-range.

The chicken harnesses are available in a range of sizes, patterns, and colors, are adjustable and come with a matching leash. They are made from a cotton mix with a fleece lining for comfort.

The chicken crop support bras are made from non-stretch polycotton doubled fabric with elastic added to improve protection and a comfortable fit under the crop. They have adjustable elastic straps with a side-release buckle. They also come in a range of colors.

Chicken Breeder had its origins in 2009 when its owner, Denise Gardener, designed and started making chicken saddles (also known as hen aprons). It is now a well-established company offering a range of poultry-related products, handling large and small orders and delivering globally. Along with the chicken harnesses and chicken crop support bras, Chicken Breeder offers a wide range of chicken and turkey saddles in various sizes, colors, and patterns. It also offers a bespoke design and manufacturing service for all types of wildlife.

Denise Gardiner said: “Our Poultry Products keep your feathered friends healthy and happy, including our crop support bras and chicken harnesses which are a great way to keep hold of your chicken and let them roam around if you live in an urban area.”

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