Lion’s Mane May Relieve Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

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( — May 11, 2021) Orlando, FL — Mental health issues like depression and anxiety have long been notoriously known for their high prevalence, especially in the United States.

Individuals who suffer from these conditions are often treated through the use of certain pharmaceutical drugs. These medications are undeniably useful, but they also do not work for or benefit everyone. 

There are even antidepressants found to be associated with the increased risk of violence and suicidal behavior. 

Over decades, researchers have been looking into the effects of medicinal ingredients for the brain. Various research studies suggest that some kitchen ingredient may aid in mental health.

Today, there are many people who turn to the use of all-natural ingredients like lion’s mane that have been used medicinally for thousands of years. Many of these therapeutic remedies can be found in the kitchen, and are thought to combat a range of diseases. 

Over decades, researchers have been looking into the effects of using this kitchen ingredient. It has been found to have beneficial impacts on the brain, particularly its mood-boosting effects. 

A study involving Japanese menopausal women has even shown that it offers positive results to support emotional well-being and alleviate stress. Some compounds in lion’s mane has also been found to lessen depression and anxiety, as well as enhance overall mood and mental functioning. 

Individuals who suffer from anxiety or depression especially during these times of global health crisis may turn to the use of this natural remedy. 

Some studies reveal that it could work in battling with inflammation, which is linked with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. There is even a growing body of research revealing links between brain inflammation and mental illness. 

What makes the use of this remedy is that it could lessen the production of inflammatory proteins. In preliminary studies involving mice, it has been found it upregulate neurogenesis in the hippocampus. Experts say that the hippocampus is the brain area that may be responsible for the regulation of memory and emotional stability.

Formulas like Divine Bounty Lion’s Mane may be extremely helpful in delivering the healing goodness of this natural immune system booster. This supplement is specifically made to ensure consumers get the most reliable and effective source of this medicinal mushroom.

This formula is absolutely free from nasty ingredients and contaminants, such as fillers, GMOs, binders, additives, stearates, and preservatives.

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