How To Stop Notifications From Google Chrome?

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( — May 4, 2021) — Aren’t desktop notifications the best feature added in modern browsers? They display intriguing previews of mails, cricket scores, football scores, and instant messages. Similarly, Google chrome sends notifications. These notifications help you to glance at the updates without the need to open any app or news. However, this gets overwhelming when you start receiving excessive notifications, which are usually advertisements or spam. This happens when you have allowed any website to send you notifications, and unknowingly, Google Chrome starts sending you constant pop-ups.

Consequently, when you try to stop it, you find it difficult. If too many sites have started sending you notifications, it’s time you shut them down and disable your Google Chrome notifications.

Here is a simple guide which states the steps to prevent notifications completely. Without further introduction, let’s start!

Steps to stop Chrome notifications

  • Open the settings page of Google Chrome. ( You can enter chrome://settings in the address bar, or tap on the hamburger icon in the top-right settings option)
  • Scroll and come to the bottom of the page
  • Search for Advanced settings
  • Under the Privacy and Security option, click Content settings
  • Scroll and come down to Notifications
  • Click on ‘Do not allow any site to show Desktop Notifications’

However, if you want selective websites to send you notifications, you can simply select the ‘Ask’ option when any site asks you to display notifications. After that, these sites will only show notifications if you allow them to.

If you want to see the list of sites with permission to send you notifications, select ‘Manage exceptions’. Click on ‘X’ on the top right of the URLs to prevent them from sending you notifications.

How can you disable notifications in Chrome with an alternative method?

This is another hack or the alternative method by which you can prevent desktop notifications from inappropriate sites. However, any extension or app may still have access to send you notifications. Hence, to disable this, you need to disable the notification that these individual Chrome apps or extensions send.  

Follow the listed steps below.


  • Tap on the bell icon in the system menu bar
  • Select the gear icon
  • Deselect the extensions or apps that you want to stop getting notifications from. 
  • In case you want to disable all the Google Chrome notifications rapidly, you can try another method.
  • First, go to the Bell-shaped Chrome notifications icon.
  • Right-click on it
  • Select ‘Do not disturb’

With this, you will be able to turn off all your notifications. You can also select the ‘Do not disturb’ option for one hour or one day. If you need a break from notifications for a while, this is a good option.

For Windows 7 or 8

  • Go to the desktop. (You may tap on Windows key+D as well)
  • Click the bell-shaped chrome notifications icon (left click on it. You will find it in the notification bar on the extreme right bottom of the screen)

In case you don’t find it, click the Up arrow icon present at the beginning of the notification bar.

  • Once you spot it, left-click on it.
  • Next, tap the gear icon
  • Deselect or uncheck all the unwanted extensions or apps that you don’t wish to get notifications from.

How can you disable Chrome notifications completely?

Trying this method will help you stop each of the Google Chrome notifications entirely, or let’s just say, Permanently!

By notifications, we mean all the unwanted spam, messages, or emails that you receive on your device. If you are the one who wishes to get rid of it, read and try the steps below!

On Mac

  • Select Chrome situated in the top menu bar
  • Go to notifications
  • Select Hide notifications icon from the drop-down menu

This will disable all your chrome notifications completely.

On Windows 7 or 8

  • Press Windows Key+D  (you may go to the desktop as well)
  • Click the icon denoting up arrow at the beginning of the notification bar situated in the bottom right of your screen
  • Tap customize
  • Scroll down
  • Go to Google Chrome
  • Select Hide icon and notifications within the drop-down menu
  • Click OK.


Once you follow all these steps, Google Chrome will no longer be allowed to send you any notification or alert from any site unless you allow it to. However, make sure you follow each of them attentively. If you fail to follow the steps, you may still receive notifications that might be inappropriate or irritating at times. This was a short guide that states the steps to stop Google Chrome notifications. 

So now, what are you worried about? Which are the annoying extensions spamming your device? Wish to stop notifications Chrome permanently? Follow the above-listed steps to get rid of this problem today!