Newburgh NY Home Moving – Expert Movers Carbon Neutral Solutions Launched

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New Paltz, NY-based Your Hometown Mover LLC (+1-845-419-3808) have launched a new carbon offset initiative for their moving and storage services in New Paltz, Beacon, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie and Rhinebeck, NY.

Your Hometown Mover LLC, an eco-friendly moving and storage company based in New Paltz, NY, have launched a carbon-offset program to mitigate the negative environmental impacts of home moving. The launch sees the company partner with to ensure their operations remain carbon neutral.

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The moving company’s carbon-offset initiative is the first of its kind in the Hudson Valley and the dedicated team prioritize a range of social and ecological issues in the services they provide. Your Hometown Mover clients are assured of quality customer care from a moving and storage company that takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.

Carbon offsetting compensates for emissions by paying for support programs across the globe. These include renewable energy projects or methane capturing from livestock and landfill, helping to balance out greenhouse gas emissions with proactive ecological solutions.

Your Hometown Mover offer clients an all-inclusive moving and storage solution. Customers can benefit from easy virtual estimates for their upcoming move, an instant online quote option or an in-home estimate. The company provide a best price guarantee to price match any other licensed and insured moving company in the Hudson Valley region.

Customers can book local moves, charged at an affordable hourly rate or, for distances beyond 25 miles, a flat rate service ensures optimal value for clients. Also available are Your Hometown Mover’s long distance services, guaranteeing delivery within 1 to 3 days. In addition, customers can choose a labor only option if they simply require an extra pair of hands to assist with a move.

Founded in 2013, Your Hometown Mover is a family owned operation. The company are committed to environmental causes and, in addition to their carbon offsetting program, also participate in a reforestation initiative to mitigate the natural resources their services impact upon. Find out more here

A spokesperson says, “When you’re relocating the items that mean the most to you, you can trust Your Hometown Mover will handle them with a tender touch every step of the way.”

With the launch of their carbon-neutral home moving and storage services, Your Hometown Mover LLC affirm their reputation as the Hudson Valley’s premier moving and storage company, combining competitive rates, customer satisfaction and care for the environment for movers throughout NY state. For more information please visit