Guatemala Spanish Language School Moves Courses Online During Pandemic/Lockdown

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Immersive Guatemalan language school, Escuela de la Montaña in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, have announced updates to their services, including online Spanish classes from native speakers.

Escuela De La Montaña, a Guatemalan language school, have announced updates to the services on their website. Located in the Western Highland Mountains of Guatemala, the school approaches language with full immersion techniques, but have moved their Spanish classes online as a response to the pandemic.

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The newly updated services from Escuela de la Montaña offer one on one online Spanish lessons with a qualified native teacher, for adults and children.

Founded in 1997 as part of the Hermandad Educativa, the school is built on a philosophy of providing high quality, affordable Spanish language lessons whilst generating an income for local communities and projects.

The idea behind the creation of Escuela de la Montaña was a school that could provide economic sustainability for the rural Mayan communities in the area, and as such the team are committed to providing their staff fair wages and benefits.

Managed by a collective of teachers, the profits from the school are used for providing financial support within the community. Students learn and improve upon their Spanish during their stay, but also learn about the social, economic and political history of Guatemala.

The company encourages each student to develop a sense of cultural sensitivity to take home, alongside long-lasting friendship from their stay, and happy memories.

While travel is currently restricted due to the pandemic, Escuela de la Montaña encourages students to continue to learn Spanish remotely, building Spanish skills with native instructors. The Mountain School offers online classes via Skype at affordable rates, that are available to purchase in blocks of 5, 10 or 20 hours.

Online Spanish classes can be beneficial for many, as students are able to customize their learning schedule in addition to choosing their own topics and goals, such as industry specific vocabulary like health care or legal terminology.

Anyone interested can subscribe to their new YouTube channel here on YouTube and receive notifications about new video releases and upcoming lessons!

With the latest announcement, Escuela de la Montaña continues to commit to remotely providing Spanish language lessons from native speakers throughout the pandemic, while supporting local rural Mayan communities in need.

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