Johnson City TN Sciatica Chiropractic Noninvasive Pain Relief Therapy Launched

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Lifelight Chiropractic, a holistic health and wellness center now offers drug-free, non-invasive sciatic pain relief treatment for patients in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Johnson City, Tennessee chiropractor Lifelight Chiropractic has launched an update to its range of pain relief and wellness solutions. The holistic health and wellness center now offers non-invasive pain treatment for patients dealing with sciatica.

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The update is part of the pain relief experts’ continued efforts to provide patients in Johnson City and other surrounding communities with drug-free, non surgical lower back pain relief. They strive to improve each patient’s quality of life by relieving debilitating lower back, hip, and leg pain.

Sciatica is one of the most common musculoskeletal conditions people often complain about. The experienced chiropractors at Lifelight Chiropractic explain that the condition typically arises when a herniated disc, narrowing of the spinal canal, or a pelvic fracture irritates or compresses a part of the sciatic nerve.

Through a combination of spinal adjustments, chiropractic massage, and other techniques, the Johnson City chiropractor can address the root cause of most sciatica symptoms.

Patients dealing with sciatica can experience severe symptoms that make everyday living challenging. Sciatic pain symptoms can include a tingling sensation, constant pain, or both. Patients typically experience the symptoms on only one side of their body.

The team at Lifelight Chiropractic works with each patient to create a custom sciatica treatment plan tailored to their unique needs. Patients can expect a professional, clean, and friendly atmosphere when they visit for their appointment.

Lifelight Chiropractic Johnson City office is equipped with the latest technology in chiropractic care, including the state-of-the-art patient adjusting table. Patients can benefit from the on-site yoga studio to enjoy peace and relaxation, align body and mind while receiving treatment for their sciatica.

Besides sciatic pain relief, Lifelight Chiropractic provides other services such as zone chiropractic, traditional chiropractic,and laser therapy.

With this update, Lifelight Chiropractic continues to provide patients in Johnson City, Tennessee, and surrounding areas with the proven nonsurgical care they need to relieve their musculoskeletal conditions.

A satisfied patient said: “Dr. Scott is very knowledgeable about how the body works. His method is very effective. After one visit my pain level had greatly diminished. Highly recommend!”

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