Dallas TX Water Resources Engineering Group Announces New Principal Appointments

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Thomas Caffarel and Ben McWhorter have been announced as new Principals of Cardinal Strategies Engineering Services division, to continue their leadership in providing stormwater engineering solutions to growing communities in Texas.

Cardinal Strategies, Water Resources Engineering Specialists based in Dallas, TX, have announced the appointment of Thomas Caffarel and Ben McWhorter as the new principals of their engineering group operations in Texas. The appointments see Cardinal Strategies continue their policy of internal promotion, utilizing the expertise and experience within the company ranks.

For more details please visit https://www.cardinalstrategies.com/news/posts/2020/december/thomas-caffarel-and-ben-mcwhorter-of-cardinal-strategies-engineering-group-promoted-to-principal

The newly announced promotions will see Thomas Caffarel assume the position of Principal while continuing his role and responsibilities as manager of Cardinal Strategies’ engineering division. Thomas will oversee the division’s operations, continuing to build strong working relationships with land developers and municipalities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Ben McWhorter joins him in his new principal role and as West Texas lead, managing the Lubbock, TX office.

Water resource engineering primarily involves the planning and management of supply facilities and developing flood water prevention strategies. Stormwater engineers assess the potential impacts of floodwater on proposed developments, designing and initiating strategies to mitigate adverse effects while ensuring local municipality and FEMA regulations are upheld. Cardinal Strategies focuses on designing and implementing the construction of detention ponds and complex hydraulic systems and stream restoration and stabilization.

In his new role as Principal with Cardinal Strategies, Thomas Caffarel brings over 14 years of experience in stormwater management in the Texas and central Oklahoma regions. Thomas is an experienced project manager, drainage study leader and has expertise in modern H&H software including HEC-suite, XP-SWMM, and InfoWorks.

Ben McWhorter brings a decade’s worth of experience to his role as Principal, West Texas lead. Ben has been a senior project engineer on a range of drainage master plans and flood studies. His expertise extends to hydrologic and hydraulic studies, using software such as HEC-HMS, ASAPP, and both 1D and 2D applications of SWMM. Ben also has a breadth of experience in securing local and FEMA approval for Letters of Map Change.

Founded in Dallas, TX in 2004, Cardinal Strategies started as a stormwater compliance consulting business, before expanding in 2014 to launch its engineering services division. With Cardinal’s acquisition of Sanco Storm Water LLC and Sanco Design Inc. in 2017, the company doubled its client base and further diversified its services. Cardinal Strategies provides water resource management services to a wide range of clients including civil engineers, land developers, home builders, property managers, as well as government and residential clients. More details can be found here https://www.cardinalstrategies.com/about-us/leadership-team

According to a company spokesperson, “Our guiding principles are purpose, passion, and potential to create water solutions for the benefit of Cardinal’s clients and our community.”

With the announcement of their latest Principal appointments, Cardinal Strategies re-affirm their commitment to investing in the talent of their dedicated team and providing expertise in water resource solutions to the communities they serve. For more information visit https://www.cardinalstrategies.com/engineering