Starter Pack For Custom Print On Demand – E-com Automation Solution Launched

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Print on demand company Merchbizbrands has launched a starter pack with a ready-to-go site for online retailers hoping to benefit from the surge in online selling caused by the worldwide pandemic.

Print on demand company Merchbizbrands has launched a starter package for entrepreneurs who are looking to dip a toe in the water and start their own online retail business. The package is designed to provide everything a budding online retailer requires to start trading.

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The starter pack has been launched to offer a low-cost option to new businesses. It provides full website setup and logo, eCommerce store setup with online payments, a stock line that includes full apparel and mug catalogs, and 30 industry-based designs. Merchbizbrands completes full site configurations, ensures the site is ready to start selling, and provides order fulfillment services.

Online retail has been growing steadily for the last two or three decades but the recent worldwide pandemic has seen online retailing boom and grow exponentially. Last year in the USA, online retailing grew by 40% in a single year, creating a marketplace worth over $1.6 trillion. Similar growth is expected this year.

Merchbizbrands offer three standard packages to retailers and can tailor and design products such as t-shirts, mugs, and hoodies for each retailer that partners with them. Their expert teams have over 10 years experience designing ‘Print on Demand’ merchandise across a range of industries.

For new and growing online retailers, the company can offer partner order fulfillment services across the USA, plus design teams creating innovative, eye-catching, new designs daily. A vast array of merchandise is available including canvas art, mugs, tote bags, jewelry, key chains, pillowcases, and various types of branded and personalized apparel.

Transactional e-commerce websites are handed over to online retailers completely done and sales-ready. Sites are built on top of Merchbizbrands proprietary shopping cart and merchandising software to allow maximum product flexibility and to accommodate future growth of the new business.

Products can be sold with variants like size and colors, many categories are available and other powerful extras are included such as reporting, analytics intelligence, customer lookup, shipping features, and a built-in support desk.

An automated web network allows Merchbizbrand customers to place their site on major quality web channels with just a few clicks and the company can provide access to massive email lists for cost-effective online marketing. For those growing their business or wanting to take it to the next level, the facility exists to connect a store to major premium platforms like Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, and others.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We provide everything an online retailer might need from store design and online payments through to training and providing website traffic sources. Our aim is to help clients automate the process as much as possible, freeing up management time to actively grow the business and build the brand.”

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