Paper Bag Sustainability Specialists Announce Forest Conservation Initiative

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Hello Bag has announced that it will plant more trees in collaboration with one of its partners to encourage more people to use paper bags and lower their carbon footprint.

Hello Bag, a company selling paper bags and other sustainable products online, announced that it is launching an initiative to celebrate World Earth Day 2021.

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The newly announced initiative has the goal to help increase the number of trees on the planet and reverse the damage caused by deforestation.

Titled “Restore Our Earth”, Hello Bag is pledging to plant one new tree every time someone buys its product. To launch this initiative, the company is partnering with the Sprout app. Each buyer will get one free tree to plant and can do so in whichever country they want.

Hello Bag sells both individual and multi-pack paper bags, as well as frames to support them. Items can be shipped both in the US internationally. Each buyer can use the Sprout app to work out their carbon footprint.

Forests are essential for the ecosystem and survival of humans, as various studies have shown. The benefits of forested areas include cooling overheated places and lowering disease transmission risks. Forests can also support pollination. Plastic bags pose a serious threat to forested areas, since plastic is difficult to break down and can cause damage to trees, along with harming wildlife.

For the Restore Our Earth scheme, Hello Bag and Sprout will work with local communities. In particular, the companies will adopt a focus on empowering women in those parts of the world.

Through the initiative with Hello Bag, Sprout will also plant trees themselves. Every time a paper bag is purchased, the company will plant a new tree in either Kenya, Madagascar, or Honduras. By planting new trees in developing countries, the companies hope to lower links between poverty and deforestation.

The announcement forms part of Hello Bag’s commitment to stopping the use of plastic bags. In the US alone, 100 billion plastic bags are passed to customers each year.

Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, Hello Bag was founded by Chris Blaul. In response to his growing concerns over the widespread use of plastic bags, he founded the company to help people use paper bags more sustainably. Hello Bag has been around since February 2020.

Founder Blaul said: “Earth Day helps focus our minds each year as to what more we can all achieve for mother nature and this year Hello Bag is teaming up to not only help people reuse their paper grocery bags for an extra purpose but will also give every new purchaser one free tree to plant.”

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