Florida Property Damage Insurance Claim Lawyer – Home Damage Litigation Expanded

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A Miami property damage insurance claim law firm, Louis Law Group, has expanded its services to include litigation centered around denied insurance claims for issues including roof damage, water damage, business interruption, and fire damage.

Louis Law Group, a law firm specializing in insurance litigation, have announced an updated range of services to help clients facing insurance claim denial. The Miami firm now provides legal guidance for clients whose insurers have refused to provide full compensation for property damage claims.

Interested parties can find more information at https://louislawgroup.com/hire-property-damage-insurance-claims-lawyer/

Property owners with denied claims can make use of Louis Law Group’s expanded range of services in order to gain expert advice on possible recourse.

Studies suggest that roof damage is commonplace. According to one survey, over 8 million buildings required roof repair in the United States across a four-year period, while the costs of roofing materials and labor rose by almost 60 percent over the course of nine years.

The new litigation services offered by Louis Law Group allow clients to contest insurance claim denial for property damage caused by water, mold, hurricanes, trees, and partial fire.

By making use of the knowledge and experience of their litigators, the firm is able to thoroughly assess clients’ insurance claims and advise on the best way to proceed. The company’s website offers guidance such as saving receipts, making temporary repairs, and listing damaged items.

Other forms of insurance claim assessed by the firm include water damage and any business interruption caused by the current pandemic. The Louis Law Group offers advice to clients facing full or partial claim denial in the knowledge that insurance companies may not recognize costs and damages beyond inventory and equipment losses.

Insurance litigation services offered by the firm cover areas throughout the state of Florida, including Orlando, Tallahassee, Key West, Pembroke Pines, Jupiter, Sunrise, Tamarac, and Fort Lauderdale, among others.

The Louis Law Group specializes in professional and aggressive litigation in its representation of policyholders. The firm is also multilingual, with proficiency in English, Spanish, and Creole.

A satisfied client said: “My experience with Louis Law Group was excellent. We had trouble getting payments for the damage to our home with our homeowners’ insurance, and Louis Law Group handled this matter in a few months.”

More details are available at https://louislawgroup.com/hire-property-damage-insurance-claims-lawyer/