Researchers Now Highlight Cranberry’s Heart Health Benefits

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( — May 12, 2021) Orlando, FL — Infections like UTIs continue to be a popular subject of research due to their high prevalence. 

It is important to note that while there are medications available, this type of infection is still quite common in many areas around the globe. According to experts, the use of antibiotics is helpful. 

However, it is also important to keep in mind that this type of medication is linked with side effects. 

One of its major adverse effects is antibiotic resistance, which continues to be a major global health issue. The good news is that certain steps can be taken to reduce the odds of infection. 

Health authorities strongly recommend taking some preventive steps to reduce the rates of UTIs. One of the ways to do this is to actually consume more water, which helps flush E.coli bacteria from the body.

It is important to realize that certain all-natural remedies like cranberry are found to be significantly helpful in fighting the infection. The sugar cranberry contains called D-mannose is found beneficial in delivering the berry’s UTI-fighting effects. 

There have been various research studies that looked into the remarkable healing benefits of this berry, especially when it comes to fighting UTIs. It is worth mentioning that cranberry is widely thought to be a safer option compared to antibiotics, which are often misused. 

Experts warn this medication is linked with some side effects, such as antibiotic resistance.

Intake of cranberry is not just being studied due to its UTI-fighting effects, but also its ability to deliver other healing benefits. Individuals who want to take better care of their heart may take into account using this remedy.  

According to researchers, cranberries are loaded with various therapeutic agents that offer support to heart health. More particularly, these berries have polyphenols that work in battling the risk factors of heart health issues.  

Some studies suggest its use worked in reducing LDL levels and inhibiting LDL oxidation, which is both otherwise harmful to heart health. These berries even aid in enhancing levels of HDL cholesterol.  

Scientists carried out a study in 2011 and found that consumption of cranberry juice improved the levels of antioxidants in blood plasma. Another study has shown it produced improvements in those suffering from coronary artery disease.

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