Kauai HI Stress Eating Neuroscientific Habit Change – Mothers Coaching Launched

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Lifestyle and Stress Eating Technologist Lucky Joy Wells has launched “Reboot for Stress Eating” with “do-it-yourself” neuroscience brain retraining to beat stress eating in mothers of all ages. Call 808-822-0333 for more details.

Lucky Joy Wells, a lifestyle and stress eating specialist in Kauai, HI, has launched “Reboot your Stress Eating”, a neuroscience-based coaching program for mothers of all ages struggling with unhealthy stress- eating issues.

More information and a free e-book is available at https://zlucky.com/l

The newly launched Reboot your Stress Eating program offers clients an alternative to ineffective, fad dieting through coaching designed to change their relationship with food and remove them from the negative cycle of binge eating and remorse.

According to the American Psychological Association, nearly 30% of adults report over-eating unhealthy foods as a result of stress. The human brain is wired primarily for survival. From fight or flight responses to instinctive pleasure and comfort seeking behaviors, the processing within the brain’s neural pathways and the body’s attendant reactions are habitual and deeply ingrained. The overblown stress response leads to seeking comfort in high-calorie, quick-fix foods as the brain pushes the body to what it sees as necessary for survival.

Lucky Joy Wells’ new program harnesses neuro-plasticity and psychology to re-wire the brain to form new habits and break out of old behaviors.

Coaching topics include Natural Physiology and Eating; Food, Emotions and Personal Body Issues; Wellness, Weight and Brain Circuit Rewiring along with other issues unique to each client. The course is offered in-person, by phone, or online with additional text and email support. Clients receive an educational introduction, a complimentary e-book and easy, fun learning & start-up tools.

Lucky Joy Wells is an experienced Community Mental Health Assistant and personal coach. Through her coaching programs she seeks to provide empowerment, health and healing for anyone struggling with stress and stress eating. To find out more go to https://zlucky.com/call

A satisfied client says, “In just one session, we set out what I wanted to accomplish, noted my challenges and outlined methods for my success. By the end of the session, I was clear on my next steps, had a chance to try the work out and was strong in knowing I can get to my goal.”

Through the launch of the ‘Reboot your Stress Eating’ program, Lucky Joy Wells continues to provide effective, neuroscience- backed coaching and support for mothers of all ages in tackling the causes and symptoms of unhealthy eating.

More information can be found here https://youtu.be/uQQe2J6i7EE