Orange CA Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment/Non-Invasive Therapy Program Launched

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Orange, California-based chiropractor Dr. Barry Marks has expanded his non-invasive, medication-free alternative treatment program for sufferers of peripheral neuropathy throughout Orange County.

Dr. Barry Marks Chiropractor has expanded his center’s specialist treatment program for peripheral neuropathy. The Orange, California-based chiropractor makes available non-surgical therapies for patients across Orange County.

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The newly expanded treatment program combines proven therapies which aim to address the causes behind peripheral neuropathy. In doing so, the Orange center helps patients to improve their health over the long term as opposed to simply masking the main symptoms on a short-term basis.

Dr. Marks’ treatments are provided as a natural alternative to the industry standard pharmaceutical approach. Common side effects of most neuropathy medications typically include a wide array of mental and physiological conditions. In response, Dr. Marks explains that his center’s drug-free, non-invasive neuropathy treatment therapies are both safe and effective.

The center emphasizes that peripheral neuropathy can be caused by a number of factors, ranging from diabetes and hereditary disorders to kidney failure, infections, diseases, and more. As a result, the blood supply to the extremities is impaired, and nerves begin to suffer damage. As such, Dr Marks’ team strives to reverse this process.

Patients can benefit from the long-term relief of neuropathy symptoms such as burning sensations and numbness in their hands or feet. As these issues subside, patients can regain the ability to walk comfortably with renewed balance.

Primarily, the program has been developed to help patients who may have experienced a lack of success with traditional treatment methods for peripheral neuropathy. Dr. Marks advises that his program offers patients the hope of putting an end to their pain, ultimately giving them a higher quality of life.

“I know you’ve had treatments that have failed in the past,” said Dr. Marks, “and that’s mostly because they don’t address the underlying issues that are causing your problem. I’m here with solutions that actually get to the root and fix it, bringing back a normal way of life.”

Interested parties throughout Orange County are invited to visit for more information about Dr. Barry Marks and his innovative treatment program for peripheral neuropathy. To support his patients from the outset, Dr. Marks offers a complimentary neuropathy evaluation designed to ascertain their suitability for the treatments.