Celebrity Retro Sunglasses/Optical Frames – Vintage Luxury Eyewear Launched

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Los Angeles-based Tart Optical Enterprises has released its iconic 1950s and 1960s Arnel, FDR and other retro optical and sunglass frames for purchase at their online store.

Los Angeles-based popular celebrity eyewear company, Tart Optical Enterprises, Inc., is announcing the release of its Arnel and iconic revival ‘50s and ‘60s frames for purchase at its online store. The brand’s e-comm presence now gives global access to those seeking their own handcrafted retro optical or sunglass frames originally made famous by Hollywood celebrities, musicians and other influencers.

More information can be found at https://tartoptical.com

Founded in 1948 by Julius Tart, Tart Optical Enterprises is an established leader in today’s eyewear industry. The release of the company’s Arnel, Arnel 55 and FDR, and other vintage frames for purchase online means consumers from all over the world now have access to products that pay homage to the Golden generation.

According to the company, Julius Tart created a unique geek look in the 1950s that was adopted by the film industry. The brand remains popular among today’s Hollywood crowd with actors and film stylists alike choosing Tart Arnel and FDR frames for both on-screen characters and personal use.

The Tart website “Lookbook” tab shows a strong fan base wearing the various Tart brands and colors. The FDR frame has established its own fan base, with rock stars, show hosts and movie stars among the people who wear the brand. Tart has also launched a “Virtual Try on Window” tab that allows you to wear the frames virtually and then you can select the frames and colors that look best on you.

Today’s Tart iconic frames are designed in California and handcrafted in both Italy and the US. Occupying its niche in the luxury eyewear segment, Tart remains true to rigorous standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Tart Optical Enterprises cautions fans and consumers to look for the OTE shield on the inside of every Tart frame and to do business with verified distributors only. Entrepreneurs looking to become verified distributors of the brand are encouraged to contact the company’s head office in Los Angeles.

With the online release of its popular Arnel and FDR frames, Tart Optical allows a global audience to access top-end Tart products that reflect the brand’s quality and attention to detail.

Visit https://tartoptical.com to learn more.