Online Addiction Recovery – Sobriety Coaching/Treatment Services Released

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Those struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction can find help, recovery and sobriety coaching through the online support program Recovering Reality.

Online resource, Recovering Reality, is announcing the release of its comprehensive recovery coaching, sober coaching and treatment placement services for those struggling to overcome addiction. Americans stuck in self-defeating stop-and-start substance abuse patterns can contact program founder Erick Frederickson for a complimentary consultation.

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Recovering Reality is an online addiction recovery resource. The organization has released a number of support and coaching services to help individuals struggling with addiction find long-term sobriety and happiness.

Founded by Erik Frederickson, Recovering Reality offers online support, telehealth support, an online course for purchase on the organization’s website and a complimentary Recovery 101 e-book.

Studies show that 95,000 Americans die each year because of an alcohol addiction. Drug overdose deaths have more than tripled since 1990. As of June 2020, 13 percent of Americans reported starting or increasing substance abuse as a way of coping with the current health crises.

Himself a recovering addict, Frederickson says he was trapped in a troubled, drug and alcohol-fuelled lifestyle for 13 years until he managed to find sobriety ten years ago.

No stranger to the shame and helplessness addicts experience as they try to overcome their struggles on their own, only to give in to overwhelming cravings and the need to numb uncomfortable feelings again and again, Frederickson has compiled a series of interventions through which many have found hope and sobriety.

Recovering Reality provides one-on-one recovery coaching to addicts seeking sobriety and sober coaching to newly recovered individuals.

Recovery coaching is sometimes part of a complete medical plan, and can include psychotherapeutic support, and a 12-step or non-12-step strategy.

Sober coaching involves on-call care as well as the accompaniment of individuals during daily routines to encourage healthy coping habits while working through triggers.

Research shows that recovering individuals at elevated risk for relapse have a greater chance of success when sober coaching services are part of the recovery plan.

With the release of their recovery coaching services, sobriety coaching, and the availability of an online course plus supportive Recovery 101 e-book, the team at Recovering Reality have created a successful, synergistic approach to helping addicted individuals overcome substance abuse in order to find long-term health and happiness.

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