Westborough MA High Conflict Divorce Attorney/Child Custody Law Service Launched

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O’Connor Family Law has updated its high-conflict divorce and custody attorney services by opening a new office on the South Shore in addition to their current office in Westborough, Massachusetts.

O’Connor Family Law has branched out with their family law legal services in Westborough, Massachusetts, where they help protect each of their client’s rights during high-conflict divorce cases, by recently launching an office in Hanover, Massachusetts to expand their client base on the South Shore.

More information is available at https://familylawma.com

The updated services from O’Connor Family Law provides clients with a professional and experienced team of divorce attorneys to represent and support them for all their legal needs within the area of family law. This may be within a divorce, a custody dispute, obtaining or defending a restraining order, determining paternity, entering into a prenuptial agreement, relocation of the children out of Massachusetts, or a number of other issues.

Going through a family law case can be extremely stressful and challenging for all parties involved, regardless of the underlying circumstances. However, if the issues within a divorce or custody case are in conflict, where both parties disagree on certain issues within their case, such as child custody, finances, or property ownership, there is an additional layer of complexity that is added on. O’Connor Family Law offers you experienced attorney services to help protect your interests while keeping your children’s needs in the forefront as well.

The O’Connor Family Law firm is primarily focused on high-conflict divorce and custody cases and has over 35 years of cumulative experience. Known for their skills as litigators, the entire legal team also prides themselves on knowing when to wear a negotiator’s hat so a case can be settled as quickly and efficiently whenever possible. The law firm’s experience and passion helps them to defend a client’s best interests and negotiate agreements during cases where both parties have highly differing ideas and opinions.

The foundation of the O’Connor Family Law firm is an underlying belief that, no matter how bad a circumstance may seem at the time, you are not just a victim of your circumstances and you have the ability to not only get over any current problems you may face, with the right attitude and commitment, you can use the methods and lessons learned from your current problems to create an even better future for yourself and your children.

Getting through a high-conflict case requires a different strategy than within an uncontested matter or even the more typical but only slightly contested legal matter. A high-conflict case generally arises because one or both of the people involved cannot see eye-to-eye. It’s often that one of the parties fall into a narcissistic type of personality. That type of person is not going to change just because the court-case is over. If you need to co-parent with that person in any way, you need to learn the skills that will enable you to be able to do so while protecting yourself.

In every case the firm represents, O’Connor Family Law uses a team approach because of the fact every case can be so different, even if the underlying legal issues are similar. A client’s legal team will consist of the client, one paralegal, and two attorneys, one of which is assigned as the lead attorney for consistency and a clear point of contact. All of the legal strategy within the firm is also overseen by the firm’s founding attorney. By creating this type of team, clients have access to a support structure that is always available to them whenever needed, as well as having multiple team members who are focused on their case to allow for more creativity in problem solving.

O’Connor Family Law primarily provides legal services for clients who live in the following counties: Worcester, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, and Bristol. The firm also has a blog that offers advice and guidance for those working through a divorce, such as what strategies can be implemented to help survive a high-conflict case. The law firm’s blog can be found here https://familylawma.com/blog/5-strategies-to-survive-high-conflict-divorce

A spokesperson for the law firm said, “O’Connor Family Law is committed to working together to bring our client’s consistent, efficient, and first-class representation. We believe we are different than other firms because everyone who works here has been through a family court case at some point in their life. Each attorney understand the ins and outs of what the client is experiencing to enable them to counsel the client in relation to moving past what they’re currently dealing with, as well as having the legal knowledge to get the best result possible. A Judgment is only a piece of paper if the client is not prepared to physically and mentally use that document to improve his or her life. We do not just want our clients to get through their legal matter. We want them to use the process to really improve their lives.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://familylawma.com