Emergency/Survival Supplies Store – Camping Water Purifier/Storage Unit Launched

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Online preparedness and equipment store, Weathervane Survival, is expanding its product line to include water purification and storage systems for camping and emergency purposes.

Online emergency preparedness and camping equipment store Weathervane Survival is expanding its product line to include several water purifiers and storage systems. Whether for camping purposes or the need to remain safe and hydrated during moments of civil unrest or natural disaster, these systems ensure access to drinking water that is safe and BPA-free.

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In times of disaster or civil unrest, access to clean and safe drinking water can be jeopardized. Clean, potable water can also be difficult to access when camping. Weathervane Survival now offers a line of water storage and treatment systems designed for outdoor recreation and home-based preparedness.

For those who enjoy heading into the wilderness for days or weeks of camping, the online Weathervane Survival store lists a number of portable, BPA-free water storage tanks.

Water storage tanks for camping are safe, durable, and have a 15- to 20-gallon capacity.

When camping, the body requires extra hydration. Water is also required for brushing teeth and other hygiene-related activities. The team at Weathervane Survival recommends taking all water needs into consideration to calculate an appropriately sized water storage system.

Studies reveal 93% of bottled water products contain microplastics. Research shows that although water does not expire, bottled water can become contaminated with several toxins and chemicals.

Emergency preparedness water storage containers and tanks come in 15, 50, and 100-gallon sizes that last for years without risk of contamination.

The company recommends buying a water storage system that accounts for 14 gallons of water per person in a household. Units should be UV coated to guard against light and made of BPA-free materials that won’t warp, split or crack.

The vision at Weathervane Survival is to offer all the preparedness products that are essential to both camping and emergencies through a convenient, one-stop-shop online store.

The Weathervane Survival online store offers survival kits and products, protective gear, helmets, pouches, adventure meals, and more.

With the expansion of their online store to include a variety of water purification and storage units, Weathervane Survival offers both safety and peace of mind to outdoor adventurists and pragmatic survivalists alike.

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