Ways To Prevent Your Garage Door From Being the Soft Point for Break-Ins

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(Newswire.net — May 7, 2021) — A garage is one of the entry points for burglars. Most people don’t focus on this part of the home, making thieves take advantage of this. When you make your garage doors secure, deter thieves who target your home. You cannot underestimate the importance of securing this door. Burglars can park their gate-away vehicle in your garage once they access it, making it easier for them to load your stuff without the neighbors noticing. Deter thieves from stealing your property through these ways.

Install A Door Monitor

garage door services company can install a sensor to help secure your garage. The burglars find it easy to break into your home because the garage door isn’t closed correctly. You may forget to lock it, or it may be malfunctioning. Hence, how does a monitor work? When the technician sticks the sensor to the door, when someone opens it, you get notified. Some monitors release a beeping sound informing you of an attempted break-in.

At night you can place the monitor on your nightstand and peer through if you hear any disturbing noise.

Use an Automatic Garage Door Closer

The automatic garage door closer works remotely. This device offers top-notch protection. Some types work through a mobile application. You tap on the app or give a voice command.

It allows you to give authorized people only access to your garage. When you are away from home, you can monitor whether the door is opened or closed. In case you forget to close the garage door, it notifies you.

Ensure the Garage Area Is Well Lit

Deter intruders by lighting the area in front of the garage. Most thieves take advantage of the dark shadow within the garage to hide. Use motion-activated flood lights to scare off thieves.

With the garage well-lit, you also avoid bumping into items when you come back at night. If your garage is especially detached, these lights provide adequate security.

Install Home Security Cameras

Install these cameras to secure not only your garage but the entire home. These devices use Wi-fi to live stream access and notify you in case of suspicious activities.

These devices give you high video quality that you can forward to the security personnel. Besides, the cameras have night vision and are weatherproof, making them effective in all-weather seasons.

Cover the Garage Door Windows

The garage windows are essential for lighting and ventilation. But burglars use the windows to assess potential valuable items to steal from the garage. It would help if you covered these openings with curtains, covers, blinds, or window films.  

Alternatively, contact a garage door services company to install the heavily tinted or frosted glass to obscure anyone trying to view it from outside.

Safely Hide the Keys and Remote Control

Some people hide the garage and house keys under the doormat or in a flower pot outside. These areas are easily accessible. Burglars will think to search in these places first.

Bring your keys with you and don’t leave them in the car too. Instead, safely keep them in your pocket. If somebody were to break into your vehicle and find the keys and the remote, they could trace your home and break in.

Please don’t make it easy for thieves to break in and steal your valuables. A few security measures go a long way in giving you protection. You can consult with experts to implement security solutions that are suitable for you.