Fort Worth TX Optical Aftercare – Follow Up Eye Care/Glasses Services Expanded

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Prescription lens specialists Adair Eyewear (+1-817-377-3500) have updated their aftercare and follow up services for clients in Fort Worth, TX and Arlington, Grand Prairie, Haslet and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Adair Eyewear, prescription eyewear specialists based in Forth Worth, TX, have launched updated aftercare and follow-up services for customers in Wedgwood, Arlington Heights, Eastside and the Texas Christian University campus.

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The launch provides Adair Eyewear clients with dedicated follow-up care for their prescription lenses and frames. The company are encouraging customers to attend regular check-ups and ensure their spectacle frames and lenses are regularly serviced for optimal effectiveness. Their aftercare and follow-up services are available to clients even if their spectacles were purchased elsewhere.

According to the Vision Council of America, around 75% of adult Americans use some form of visual correction. Approximately 30% of Americans are near-sighted, with students and young people more likely to need corrective eyewear for this reason than for long-sighted issues that often come with age.

Adair Eyewear recommend frequent reviews of client’s prescriptions as well as ongoing maintenance for spectacles. Ill fitting frames can exacerbate vision problems even with recently prescribed progressive lenses.

Customers who suffer from color vision issues can benefit from the company’s expertise in EnChroma Color blind lens technology. The innovative range provides targeted support for photopigment deficiency through specially coated lens material. Clients can undergo a specific color blind eye test to diagnose the nature of their problem and the lenses best suited to help.

The company also provide a full repair service for frames including restoring warped spectacles to their original shape as well as adjustments to bridges and nose pads. In addition, Adair Eyewear offer luster restoration and polishing services to give old frames a new lease of life.

Adair Eyewear offer clients advice on looking after their spectacles including product recommendations to optimize lens clarity as well as cases and cloths for storage and cleaning.

Clients can also choose from Adair Eyewear’s comprehensive range of designer spectacles and from among their more economical options, catering for every style, taste and budget with on-trend contemporary designs.

Adair Eyewear is a family owned business and have been in operation in the Fort Worth area for over 40 years. Located in the heart of the Cultural District, the company specialize in advanced prescription lens technology as well as handcrafted and modern luxury eyewear.

A satisfied client says, “Adair is by far one of the best eye glass places I have ever been to. They were knowledgeable and extremely helpful during the entire process.”

With the expansion of their aftercare and follow-up services, Adair Eyewear affirm their reputation as Fort Worth’s premier eye care clinic, dedicated to the highest-quality customer care. For more information please visit