Self-Help Habit Changing Program For Addiction – Mindfulness Book Launch

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“Zen Jungle: The Holistic Masterclass In How To Truly Love Life” has been released to help people with drug and alcohol addictions.

Zen Jungle has released a book called “Zen Jungle: The Holistic Masterclass In How To Truly Love Life” to help people who are suffering from addiction overcome their urges. Zen Jungle’s mission is to help humanity learn to love life and feel connected to the peace and power that nature brings.

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Zen Jungle’s recently released book offers a simple 11-step, life-changing journey for personal transformation. The Zen Jungle roadmap is the first step-by-step journey for self-discovery, mind training, habit changing, and new practices that promise to deliver a whole new outlook on life.

Addiction leads to uncontrollable urges that cannot be ignored. Alcohol and drug addictions are especially tricky to handle since going without these substances can lead to withdrawal symptoms that include depression and anxiety.

Those who struggle with addiction have compulsive urges that grow due to the voice inside their heads that they cannot resist. Zen Jungle’s book teaches readers how to free their minds of that voice in order to heal.

As a result of the world’s current uncertainty, Zen Jungle has decided to drop the cost of their book to make it as accessible as possible and to reach as many people as they can. The book is available globally on Audible and iTunes plus Kindle and paperback on Amazon UK for under £15 and on Amazon US for under $20. For more details, visit

Zen Jungle’s team has created their book to also help people who overthink, feel a lack of purpose, struggle with anxiety, and experience issues sleeping. Their team also uploads content on a weekly basis on their website to help readers better understand their book.

A satisfied client said: “The world really needs to hear how truly great this book is. If you’re looking for answers about life, if something doesn’t sit right with the way you’re living and you suspect there’s a better way, if your mind is constantly working against you causing unhappiness and making things difficult – look no further. I feel the true meaning of life has been revealed to me through this book.”

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