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( — May 7, 2021) — Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a data entry process that can read text from C# image. It analyses images of text and changes them into digital letters and numbers. The technology changes both written and printed text to character codes. We can then edit and search them with ease on our computers. Word processors and other computer programs can then use its output for documents.

History of OCR

Machine reading started in the 1960s. It was a way to process payment cards and cheques with more efficiency and in less time.. At the start special fonts had to be used to reduce mistakes resulting from misreading the text. But in the 1970s, machine reading gained the ability to read all the common fonts that were in use at the time. There are now available, machine-reading programs for any personal computer. So, now we can scan printed text into a digital format that can be machine-read.

OCR converts images of text

This tool gives us the ability to convert images of text and PDF documents into digital text. It makes them searchable by letters and words. Iron OCR has given us an improved method to do data entry. The software allows us to make searchable text files from scanned document images. The ability to read text from images has helped businesses to improve efficiency. They also can maximize their use of time.

You can now access your digital documents at the desk. There is no need to manually sort through volumes of paper copies in a records room. Data entry that uses OCR also makes life easier and more organized in other ways. The automated electronic process is more efficient with fewer errors to correct. OCR also reduces data loss and the cost such losses can incur.

Iron OCR makes it possible for us to convert our paper documents into digital format. So, we can store them electronically. This electronic storage eliminates the need for paper storage. So we avoid all the problems associated with it. The technology makes it possible to save our data in other locations. So if there is a loss in one we can access it from another with minimal disruption.

Using Tesseract with OCR

Tesseract is an OCR library that is available for use with Iron OCR. But this OCR library does not have the ability to handle a photograph or an image that is scanned. Tesseract needs help to process photographs or scanned images. They need to be image preprocessed with Photoshop batch scripts. But Iron OCR can detect and process images quickly.

Iron OCR supports many international languages and has many useful features. It is an open-source software. Engineers can use the Iron OCR software to read text from PDF and images in applications on the web. OCR will allow you to change data on PDF documents. With it, you can access and edit all the content of an original PDF document. You can also keep the appearance of the original document.

Iron OCR also has an error model which can show if there is a problem during the process. It shows the problem and gives you the ability to correct it.

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