AI-Powered Fundraising Platform For Charities – Cybersecurity Report Launched

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Fundmetric, an AI-powered fundraising platform, has just released a new report that discusses the important steps charitable organizations can take to prevent cybersecurity attacks.

Fundmetric Incorporated, a fundraising startup based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, announces the release of a new industry report. This new report tackles the issue of cybersecurity, an oft-overlooked concern in the nonprofit sector.

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This resource was published so that charitable organizations can better protect themselves against hackers. To prepare the report, Fundmetric interviewed Kathryn Cameron, COO of Beauceron Security.

The company notes that the number of cyberattacks has increased during the pandemic, as many nonprofits intensified their fundraising campaigns. As these organizations collect money from donors, they have become prime targets for hackers who wish to siphon away both funds and personal data.

Fundmetric notes that a cybersecurity breach can prove catastrophic to a charity’s reputation and may expose it to legal liabilities. Its new report hopes to share key insights that can help nonprofits prevent data hacks from happening in the first place.

A key theme of the report is the importance of getting leadership buy-in on cybersecurity. As Cameron notes, IT departments model their actions on the management team’s; the more seriously leaders take the threat of data breaches, the more vigilant IT personnel will be, too.

Aside from having the right mindset, it is also vital for charities to invest in their cybersecurity infrastructure. This may include buying the appropriate software or hiring an expert who can be the point person for this matter.

Cameron also stresses that nonprofits must update their cybersecurity policies annually, especially given how quickly threats evolve. By continuously reassessing their framework, organizations will never be caught off guard by hackers.

Readers can expert further insights by reading the full report. It can be freely accessed via the blog section of Fundemetrics’ website.

Fundmetric provides nonprofits with an A.I.-driven platform that helps them maximize fundraising efforts. Its cutting-edge technology is used by Oregon State University, the American Association for Cancer Research, and CaringKind, among others.

A spokesperson says: “Prevention is key when it comes to protecting your nonprofit and those who support it. And that’s why we invite them to read this report.”

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