Bristol PA Shamanic Healing Practitioner Spiritual Discovery Services Launched

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Holistic wellness center Ura Color has launched expanded shamanic healing and relaxation services for residents of Bristol, Yardley, Tullytown, Richboro, Morrisville, Levittown, and Newtown, PA.

Ura Color, a holistic wellness center, has launched updated shamanic healing services for residents of Bristol, Pennsylvania. Each session is lead by Lauren C., an experienced shamanic practitioner.

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The center’s shamanic experiences are ideal for individuals looking for deeper self-discovery, relaxation, and spiritual healing.

Shamanism is a spiritual healing practice that’s performed by cultures around the globe. For millenniums, shamanic practitioners have traveled between altered states of consciousnesses to better understand the needs of their clients.

Depending on the needs of each client, Ura Color’s shamanic healing sessions may include Soul Retrieval, Cord Cutting, extractions, curse unraveling, Psychopomp, Power Animal Retrieval, Personal Power Retrieval, drumming, and Bands of Power.

Both Cord Cutting and extractions can aid in removing negative energy and restoring a sense of harmony.

Soul Retrieval can be particularly beneficial for those looking to recover from addiction, grief, abandonment, rejection, phobias, or abuse. In addition, Soul Retrieval can help to strengthen relationships, heal past lives, and eliminate negative thought patterns.

Alternatively, individuals experiencing nightmares, bad luck, relationship issues, fatigue, anxiety, or insomnia may benefit from Ura Color’s shamanic curse unraveling sessions.

Bands of Power, or luminous bands layered over each chakra, are ideal for empaths and energy-sensitive clients who require protection from a higher being.

Ura Color’s Power Animal Retrieval experience allows individuals to regain a sense of personal power and control over their own lives.

Before each session, Lauren will progress into an unseen world to gain more information about the type of healing that her client requires.

Once the session has begun, individuals can discuss any current issues that they wish to resolve. Lauren’s shamanic healing experiences typically last between 2 to 4 hours.

To schedule a shamanic healing session, individuals can call Ura Color at 267-615-3911.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Wellness is much more than physical health. Through self-discovery, relaxation, and healing, Ura Color has the services you need to keep your body, mind, and spirit in perfect harmony.”

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