Direct-Write Lithography Device – Maskless Design Transfer Technology Launched

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miDALIX Maskless Lithography Systems launched its direct write lithography device DaLI in the US, offering professional researchers an affordable, advanced, user-friendly lithography system.

miDALIX Maskless Lithography Systems launched its original direct-write lithography tool DaLI in the United States. DaLI aims to combine an understanding of the needs of professional researchers and scientists with engineering excellence to produce an affordable, cutting-edge lithography tool.

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The newly launched optical lithography tool offers an effortless design-to-substrate transfer, resulting in reduced time prototyping and lower costs.

Maskless photolithography works by quickly lighting up structures with pinpoint accuracy at the nanometer level, using a combination of UV laser with acousto-optic deflectors to allow quick and precise laser guidance.

Laser lithography allows the transfer of various electrodes and other designs to a single microcrystal and other substrate surfaces. The patterning is often accomplished through the use of myriad technologies such as electron beam lithography, photolithography, and scanning probe lithography.

miDALIX’s state-of-the-art equipment is compatible with the iterative nature of device design in the technological fields in which it is used. These include lab-on-a-chip, quantum devices, microfluidics, and semiconductors.

DaLI offers the flexibility that in-house product development demands, and is a cost-effective alternative to having to wait for expensive new photolithography masks every time a device is adjusted. DaLI is completely software-operated and is self calibrated. It is designed to effectively pattern multi-layer, high-aspect-ratio structures on substrates ranging from a few micrometers up to 4 inches.

miDALIX develops high-end micro structuring equipment that is simple to operate. They specialize in making maskless lithography devices widely affordable and accessible to the worldwide scientific community. Their stated goal is “to equip scientists with systems which allow them to do science, not only experiments.” For more information on the various applications of DaLI, please visit

One satisfied customer said: “We deal with microfluidics or, more specifically, dielectric wetting (EWOD). DaLI is used to make masks for the process of electrodes sputtering on substrates. It’s great because DaLI allows us to make any electrode geometry and do it relatively quickly. The distance between the individual electrodes is very important and must be as small as possible. In addition, the device itself and its interface are relatively easy to use and you quickly get used to them. And of course, customer support is great.”

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