Drill Attachment Brush for Cleaning Kitchens/Bathrooms – Accessory Kit Released

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Online retailer, Homy Farmy, has released a new drill attachment kit for cleaning grout, kitchens, bathrooms, upholstery stains, and more. The kit is designed to cut cleaning times in half and requires no harsh cleaning agents.

Online home and garden retailer, Homy Farmy, has released a new cleaning accessory, the Scrubber Brush Attachment Kit, to be used with cordless drills. The kit includes three attachment pieces of varying sizes and shapes and an extension rod for hard-to-reach places.

More information can be found at https://homyfarmy.com/drill-scrubber-brush

With the global pandemic causing people to spend more time in their homes, there has been an increased demand for effective, affordable cleaning products. The attachments are easy to remove and clean, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cleaning products.

The Scrubber Brush Attachment Kit uses the power and torque from the drill to effortlessly clean tough grime, grease, calcium build-up, hard water stains, upholstery and carpeting stains, and more. The kit is also an excellent cleaning solution for the inside and outside of cars, grout stains, and outdoor furniture.

The medium-stiffness nylon brushes are tough and durable yet gentle on surfaces and are safe to use on tubs, sinks, fiberglass, baseboards, shower enclosures, and more.

Customers can save time and money with the Scrubber Brush Attachment Kit, and cut harsh chemicals and cleaning agents out of their housekeeping routine. The powerful cleaning action provided by the attachment kit brushes negates the need for other cleaning products and expensive re-fill cartridges or replacement pieces.

The experts at Homy Farmy know that their customers would much rather spend their time with friends and family than with labor-intensive cleaning. The Scrubber Brush Attachment Kit has been designed to virtually cut cleaning times in half.

A satisfied customer said, “Very happy with what I received. I got exactly what I was expecting. Easy to use and it took a boring chore that normally would take me 30 mins down to 5 mins.”

Homy Farmy supplies a variety of high-quality home and garden merchandise and is backed by hundreds of positive product reviews. The company offers free shipping to over 200 countries around the world and provides excellent customer service to assist with orders and inquiries.

To learn more about Homy Farmy or to order a Scrubber Brush Attachment Kit, visit https://homyfarmy.com/drill-scrubber-brush