Cybersecurity Awareness Training Course – SOC as a Service Consultant Launched

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Hudson, Ohio-based SubRosa has just launched its updated cybersecurity awareness training program. It aims to up-skill employees on the latest security best practices.

SubRosa, an IT consultancy based in Hudson, Ohio, has just launched its updated cybersecurity awareness training program. Through it, employees can learn crucial mitigation and detection strategies that can help prevent costly data breaches.

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This course is the ideal complement to SubRosa’s SOC as a service offering, a fully managed and cloud-based threat prevention system. By enrolling workers in this program, businesses can achieve organization-wide compliance to cybersecurity best practices.

According to the IT expert, cyberattacks have become more prevalent given the distributed nature of today’s workforce. Furthermore, security breaches can cost companies up to $369,000 per incident, as per data from insurance firm Hiscox.

As such, investing in a robust and round-the-clock cybersecurity suite is vital to ensuring business continuity. That said, companies must train their employees on security protocols to further minimize the risk of hacking.

SubRosa’s cybersecurity awareness training program aims to create a culture of proactivity, where each person is responsible for fending off cyberattacks. It will be facilitated by the consultancy’s experts, and is ideal for employees of all ranks and positions.

For the attendees’ convenience, the Hudson-based firm designed a remote learning management system (LMS). The program can be set up within 24 hours and class modules are delivered monthly; the lessons can then be taken at a person’s own convenience within a given timeframe.

Businesses, meanwhile, will get access to an administrative portal, which provides reporting functionality. Using this dashboard, supervisors and managers can quickly check who among their team has taken or completed the course.

SubRosa helps clients protect their businesses by providing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. It has worked with a wide variety of clients across all major industries, and provides other services such as secure access service edge (SASE) and managed incident response.

A spokesperson says: “Cyber-attacks are on the rise and they are becoming more expensive to deal with. SubRosa’s enhanced learning program is a video-based, continuous training and education solution that provides your organization with current scenarios pertaining to real-world cybersecurity incidents.”

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