Hudson OH SOCaaS Specialist Outsourced Cybersecurity Contractor Service Launched

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Hudson, Ohio-based cybersecurity expert SubRosa has updated its SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) offering, which provides sophisticated network protection assisted by machine learning.

SubRosa, an IT expert based in Hudson, Ohio, announces the launch of its updated SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) offering. The company works with small and mid-sized organizations to augment their cybersecurity program so that crucial data will not be compromised.

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This service provides more stringent protection against online threats, especially given the growing prevalence and sophistication of cybersecurity attacks. As such, clients can prevent disruptions in their daily operations as well as legal or financial liability should data be stolen.

The company explains that SOCaaS involves outsourcing a business’ cybersecurity system to a concierge-like team that customizes threat assessment and response according to specific needs. Aside from more stringent threat detection, this option also provides significant savings as clients do not have to invest in additional hardware, software, or staff.

SubRosa says that its system provides end-to-end protection, which includes agent-based response, asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behavioral monitoring, log management, and cloud-based SIEM. It is further bolstered by machine learning, allowing the system to thwart even day-zero threats.

By using SOCaaS, enterprise clients can effectively monitor their security environment 24/7. Hence, all attack types are identified and dealt with as soon as they are detected, thereby keeping networks secure.

As the service is outsourced, it is often the more cost-effective option. This makes SOCaaS especially suited for smaller businesses, which usually do not have the resources to purchase the necessary software or hire threat-detection specialists.

Unlike fully automated options, SOCaaS has a dedicated response team that will be on hand to provide assistance. By providing correlation and analysis, businesses are better able to reduce false positives and the attendant costs that come with addressing them.

SubRosa is a leading cybersecurity specialist that aims to make sophisticated network protection available to small-to-mid-sized businesses. To help prospective clients better understand the benefits of SOCaaS, the firm offers a free guide that can be downloaded through its website.

A spokesperson says: “Threat actors don’t rest and neither does our SOCaaS service. Our platform is based on proactive techniques that are built on machine learning, so it is adaptive and always ready to identify the latest threats.”

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