Car-Care Polish Remover Microfiber Towel And Wheel Brush – Online Range Launched

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The online car-care products store Car Detailing Warehouse has launched a number of new item in its popular car-washing product-range.

Car Detailing Warehouse, the popular online store for car-care accessories, has announced the arrival of a number of new cleaning products.

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The recently launched items add to the already extensive range of products in the car-washing category, which has seen considerable growth in the past 12 months.

The new Ultra Premium Wheel Brush has a number of unique features. Ideal for cleaning wheel rims, the brush uses a built-in foam core over a stainless-steel stem to provide extra water absorption.

The cleaning cover for the new brush is removable, allowing for easy washing and/or replacement. The cover also comes with a zip-lock bag that provides dust-free storage.

The new Dueler Polish Removal Microfiber Towel utilizes a dual-pile construction to provide non-abrasive, paint-safe surface cleaning.

The plush side of the new towel is suitable for more delicate areas such as aluminum surfaces, wheel-rims, and other soft-metal components. The tighter weave can be used to buff hard metal such as stainless-steel or chrome trim. The 16” x 16” towels are available in grey or green.

Car Detailing Warehouse has also launched a new bucket package, comprising 3 x 5-gallon buckets with vinyl labels for ‘wash’, ‘rinse’, and ‘wheels’.

Each bucket is uniquely colored (red, blue, and black), and comes complete with a gamma lid and grit guard.

Coming soon to Car Detailing Warehouse will be a new membership program called ‘Detailers Club’. Members of the Detailers Club will be given access to exclusive savings across the entire product range.

In addition to car-washing products, Car Detailing Warehouse also stock a number of other product ranges that include paint correction, coatings, exterior trim, tools and accessories, wax and sealants, and more.

Customers are encouraged to check back regularly for other new arrivals and special offers.

A company representative stated: “We hand pick each product on our site from manufacturers around the world. We are not affiliated with particular manufacturers, so we take great pride in helping you find the products that work best for your particular needs without bias.”

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