50 States of Gay Launches Pride Clothing Collection To Celebrate LGBTQ Diversity

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A new collection of clothing celebrating Pride had been launched by 50 States of Gay. The online retail store aims to spread the message of love, acceptance and that Pride is every day with their Pride Flag color creations.

50 States of Gay announces their newly designed and updated clothing collection celebrating Pride. The online store wants to spread the message that Pride isn’t just one day, it is every day.

For more information, please visit https://50statesofgay.com

The designs by 50 States of Gay have been created to provide their customers with fun, unique and representational clothing that they can wear all the time anywhere. The gay-owned store explains that Pride is everyday and everywhere.

The retailer’s collection includes t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, neck gaiters, bags and some hats. Each premium-quality garment is printed to order with the customer’s chosen design. They can choose how to wear and show their strength, pride and happiness in being themselves.

The team at 50 States of Gay say that they enjoy seeing their customers wearing their clothing as they travel, have fun and live their lives.

The store has many different collections, including America, Retro, United States, Sunset, and Heart. Each collection celebrates a different aspect of honoring love and Pride while also giving customers the chance to celebrate their local US heritage.

The America Collection uses an outline of the continental United States, inserted with the words STRONG, PROUD, or HAPPY in the colors of the Pride flag.

The Retro Collection collection features the company’s version of the Pride flag with the abbreviations for each state of the United States. This means customers can show their Pride for the state they live in.

The United States collection takes the outline of the US and incorporates it into a Rainbow, Retro Rainbow, Round design, and Solid Rainbow.

In the Sunset collection, a Rainbow Pride Sunset is inserted into a license plate format and design. The states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Indiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin and Wyoming are represented in this group of designs.

All of their products are made using the direct-to-garment printing process, which allows them to produce high quality, bright and colorful designs. Every piece is printed in the United States, offering customers the opportunity to show their pride and love in a domestically produced garment.

A spokesperson said: “By providing designs that represent who a person is, and where they live, we create a message of celebration, acceptance and inclusiveness.”

Those wishing to find out more about 50 States of Gay can visit https://50statesofgay.com