A 2021 Guide on Finding the Right Mattress

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(Newswire.net — May 11, 2021) — In today’s times, replacing a mattress can seem extra tricky than it was before the pandemic. Before COVID-19 affected everyone’s lives, finding a bed was already tough. You had to go to different stores and test it out yourself. But how can you test a product in a pandemic where you might risk yourself just by touching surfaces, let alone lying on different beds?

Luckily for homeowners, there are websites on the Internet that you can place your orders in. Also, sellers understand that it’s impossible to test out a product if you buy it online. As such, they made it possible that you can return a product within 30 days if it doesn’t suit your preferences. Read more below to find out more about the return policy and how can you find the mattress that best suits you:

Different Types of Beds

When looking for the best mattress for you, you have to conduct your research to compare the popular mattresses on the market. For example, Newsweek researched for you and compared the beds that are on-demand today.

  •  Latex –This type of mattress can relieve pressure and contour your body, but memory foam does this quality the best. Although it has more of a bouncing effect in comparison to memory foam.
  • Hybrid – Hybrid combines all the good elements of foams, innerspring, and gel. As a result, you will have a bouncy bed that can conform to your body but doesn’t trap the heat like memory foam does.
  • Pillowtop – offers extra comfort, a bouncing effect, durability, and a cooling effect to its users. You can opt for pillow tops because it uses high-quality materials like wool, latex, foam, or cotton.
  • Waterbeds – If you thought innerspring had been around longer, you’re wrong because waterbeds have been much longer than innerspring. Dr. Neill Arnott invented it to help his patients with bedsores. The great thing about waterbeds is it’s customizable. You can decide if you want the water to be restricted or free-flowing.
  • Memory foam – Individuals with a backache love this because they can give support and comfort to a body that carries stress at the end of the day.

What mode of shopping do you want?


Buying in a store is expected since you can see a much more comprehensive array than online shopping. Also, you can feel the mattress for yourself. Most stores that sell mattresses are still open. Even if the store allows customers to test out a product, it is still challenging to risk yourself.

Although if you want to purchase your mattress to try them out, why not wear personal protective equipment. Always remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Shopping Online

People are now stuck at home, and there are only a few things to do; more people are using online shopping applications. As the modern age progresses, there are several websites wherein you can buy your mattress.

Indeed, you can’t test out a product, but you can get your mattress on your doorstep in just a few days. Also, the shipping costs are green, and you can get your money back if you don’t like the mattress. The prices online are the final cost of the product. There are no additional markups that you will usually get in a physical store.

Read reviews online

When you read reviews online, you can read the opinions and concerns of people who have used the product. Additionally, in most cases, individuals who didn’t like the outcome would recommend another brand or store. Just by reading, you can get information on the bed that you’re eyeing. You can get another recommendation from a trusty customer like you as well.

What are your health concerns?

Prone to backaches?

If you have constant pain in your back, you would want a mattress that has support and can mold to your body. The beds that would be perfect for you are memory foam mattresses or latex mattresses.

Are you concerned about chemicals?

Everyone has the right to be concerned; that’s why there’s such a thing as CertiPUR-US, GOLS, and Oeko-Tex that protects the buyers from purchasing a bed with harmful chemicals. The mattresses sold in a company have to get certification by GOLS. The other two mentioned before, depending on the type of mattress.

Do you have allergies?

Opt for a latex or foam bed since it is resistant to mold and dust mites and is antimicrobial. Although if you don’t like the feel of these two mattresses, you can opt for an innerspring bed, cover it with an allergen-resistant cover so the irritants won’t go near the bed.  


Rest assured that you as a consumer’s satisfaction is highly prioritized by companies on the market. You don’t have to risk yourself by going out to a mattress store anymore. You can do all the shopping and research right in the comfort of your own home. With the information given above, the search for the perfect mattress is nearing its end!