Can You Force Stop the Slot Reels Online?

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( — May 11, 2021) — Online players have varying opinions regarding the outcome of spins, and some may think that they have control over the results of spins while others are of the opposite views. Let us clarify to you that online slots such as Cops and Robbers slot are independently operated machines, and the players could not influence them. Therefore, it answers the query that force stopping the slot reels does not affect the outcomes.

What Happens When You Force Stop the Reels?

Stopping the reels is not an odd job, and many online slots come with a separate button that options to stop the reels while the other slot machines provide two function buttons to spin and stop the reels. There is no timing or skills required to determine the outcome of your results; rather, all the games are RNG-based, which means that they give the random outcome. So, at the moment you hit the spin button, your final winnings would be the same if you would have let the reels stop by themselves because the RNG finalizes the outcome at the very first moment when you clicked the spin button.

Secret Behind the Reels

Well, setting to spin the reels is not an apparent value job; rather, something is being done at the backend. So, once you hit the spin, the game mechanics are not actually working on the reels; rather, the real task is carried out by the random number generator. So, to make the mechanics a little easier, reels do the main work for the players, as they are user-friendly. However, the RNG does the main task of determining the outcome and guiding the reels. 

There could be a malfunction in slot machines in the rarest cases, where the number generated is not matched with the reels. Under such cases, the RNG is faulty, and consequently, the biggest jackpot prizes might be denied.

How Could Fault Be Eliminated?

Founding faulty RNG is rarest, and due to the innovation in the gaming industry provided with good engineering brings down the number of such glitches. Consequently, the players can expect a maximum number of chances for the RNG and reel display to match up a result. Such mechanics have determined your winnings’ fate, and the matchup is not going to change in any way if you hit the bet button at double frequency. So, if RNG has commanded a number that guides the first reel to stop at a berry symbol, then you are going to get that symbol, and it does not affect your decision whether you choose to hit the ‘quick stop’ button or if you let the reels continue to spin and stop at their frequency.

All in all, RNG plays a vital role in determining the outcomes of your reels, so stopping them manually or letting them stop by themselves won’t affect your net winnings. So, if you want to speed up the winnings, then hitting the stop button can help you see your winnings sooner.