New Discovery May Pave Way To New Osteoporosis Treatments

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( — May 19, 2021) Orlando, FL — Bone health issues like osteoporosis continue to affect more and more people today. Many researchers carry out studies to find some effective ways of potentially reducing the rates of osteoporosis. 

A study was published in the Nature Communications journal.

UCLA and UC San Francisco life scientists carried out a study involving mouse subjects. In this research, the researchers found a dramatic pattern of bone growth in female mice. 

More particularly, they found that blocking a certain set of signals from a small number of brain neurons cause female mice to build super-strong bones and maintain them into old age. It is however worth mentioning that such a remarkable result was seen only in female mice but not in male mice.

It is worth realizing that these neurons may play a significant role in controlling the bone density in women. 

The findings of this research may encourage further studies in looking for osteoporosis treatments in older women. 

According to co-author Stephanie Correa, they think we have identified a new pathway by which the brain regulates bone density that holds great promise because it allows the body to shift new bone formation into overdrive.

Correa is a UCLA assistant professor of integrative biology and physiology, and member of UCLA’s Brain Research Institute.

Experts have long warned that over 200 million individuals have osteoporosis worldwide. This condition causes weakening of the bones, which are then highly susceptible to fractures. 

Scientists have long been stressing the importance of strengthening the bones by resorting to various measures. It is worth noting that one of these measures is to use beneficial bacteria like probiotics.

The study from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden has shown that probiotics may positively impact the human skeleton. It is further worth mentioning that the use of probiotics has been shown to cut bone loss in half compared to the placebo.

The findings of this research may pave way to preventing fracture incidences among the elderly.

Some experts suggest that probiotics may aid in the treatment of osteoporosis and some age-related bone loss issues.

In addition to the bone health benefits of these beneficial bacteria, it is worth noting that they are also associated with a myriad of health benefits. This is why today, there are many studies highlighting their use and increased intake.

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