Grocery Store Location Planning – Retail And Real Estate Combo Tool Launched

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An interactive tool has been launched to help grocery store development teams by showing the locations of planned and existing grocery stores and nearby planned residential development locations.

The recent partnership between Planned Grocery® and BuildCentral, Inc. has enabled the launch of a new comprehensive tool that showcases planned grocery locations and nearby planned residential construction. The tool provides an interactive map that marries together retail and residential development plans.

Companies searching for a site to open a grocery store can use this tool to see all the multi-family and single-family developments planned and under construction near the proposed location. The interactive map also highlights all existing grocery store locations and identifies the company operating each store.

Adding Planned Grocery tools to the residential construction data provided by BuildCentraI takes much of the guesswork out of locating high-growth areas currently lacking grocery stores.

For growing grocery store businesses, having the ability to visualize and summarize this data by radius, drive time, and trade area can offer them a marked advantage. See an example of the data available at

Planned Grocery’s data includes tracking information on new Amazon Fresh stores throughout the United States. This is essential information for site search specialists as Amazon Fresh is one of the fastest-growing operators in the sector.

Finding planned grocery locations is a complex, time-intensive task. Planned Grocery can provide the exact location and detailed information on store locations proposed, planned, under construction, or built in the last six months. Also included are existing grocery store locations for hundreds of grocery store chains nationwide, plus updated demographics and traffic counts.

Damian Eastman, Co-Chief Executive Officer of BCI Media Group, the corporate parent of both BuildCentral and Planned Grocery, said: “Planned Grocery and their innovative team are a welcome addition to BCI. Their approach to grocery location data coupled with their expertise in geospatial technology set them apart. With our forces combined, I can’t imagine a more formidable offering for real estate professionals and developers looking to gain an edge.”

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