Experts Warn About Disease-Triggering Heavy Metals Found in Food

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( — May 20, 2021) Orlando, FL — Health authorities have long been warning against the heavy metals and toxins that contaminate food and beverages. It is worth realizing that these chemicals pose human health risks. 

On a global scale, heavy metal pollution is widespread and this is alarming considering that it could produce serious health hazards. There are various factors that contribute to this widespread contamination like land use changes and industrialization.

According to experts, soil is one of the major sources of heavy metals, which may originate from goldmines, agricultural runoff, and thermal power plants. 

While heavy metals are pretty much everywhere, food is actually a major source. There are also many products that contain heavy metals. It is important to realize that while the body has the ability to eliminate toxins, excessive exposure can actually lead in their buildup.

Once this happens, it could produce various undesirable health consequences. One of the most common sources of heavy metals is fish, which many experts strongly recommend consumption of.

It is worth mentioning that all fish have some level of mercury, but the farmed ones are considered to be highly toxic. This is due to the fact that they are often loaded with pathogens, pesticides, heavy metals, toxins, and various environmental contaminants. 

Experts recommend limiting consumption of fish identified to have high levels of mercury. These are orange roughly, swordfish, Petrale sole, and anchovies. 

There are actually many foods that contain high levels of heavy metals. It is worth realizing that aside from avoiding exposure to these toxins, it is similarly important to cleanse the body from them.

One of the most effective body cleansing remedies is activated charcoal, which has a highly porous surface that acts as a magnet to toxins. Once it sticks with toxins, it then eliminates them from the body.

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