Independent Record Label Hip Hop Artist Coley Releases New Album

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Independent musician and visual artist Coley has announced the release of his tenth album, ‘DUDETOPIA.’ The latest album is available for streaming on all major platforms.

Coley, an independent musician and visual artist from Philadelphia, PA, has announced the release of his tenth album, ‘DUDETOPIA,’ featuring hip-hop artists Famous Dex and Ant Beale. Coley is the CEO of the independent record label and media company Revel Media, and he has full ownership of his music catalogue. His latest album, ‘DUDETOPIA,’ is available for streaming on all platforms.

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The latest release is available on all streaming platforms and sees Coley channel his genre-bending talents into a high-energy hip-hop album.

In ‘DUDETOPIA,’ Coley focuses his experience working with top hip-hop artists into each track. He is also excited to share his collaborations with Famous Dex and Ant Beale.

Coley’s unique blend of talents has cemented his place in the increasingly saturated music industry; in 2020, his work accrued over 130,000 organic streams. Additionally, Coley’s music videos for hits ‘Shameless’ and ‘Get On’ both have more than 250,000 views on YouTube. He hopes to leverage his talents and successes into the new release of ‘DUDETOPIA.’ Interested listeners can stream his album at

Coley is also an experienced music industry professional; his independent record label and media company Revel Media helps other artists negotiate major label deals while maintaining independence. His other ventures include producing concerts for Nelly, Jermaine Dupri and Wale, as well as producing events in partnership with MTV Fashion Week and Allen Iverson.

Throughout his career, Coley has developed a reputation for prolific content creation and a unique approach to music and visual artistry. The latest album reflects Coley’s desire for high-energy hip-hop with honest lyrics.

About his music career, Coley said: “I worked on Wall Street as a media investment banker for one year and then quit to go my own way. I think you learn so much more building life on your own terms than you do from school or a job.”

Interested parties can listen to Coley’s newly released album on all major streaming platforms or explore his independent label Revel Media at