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A newly updated stress relief service has been launched by The Neuro Lounge. The Vancouver-based Chiropractor offers a range of cutting-edge solutions to help patients feel their best.

The Neuro Lounge has announced the launch of its updated stress management services. The Yaletown, Vancouver-based chiropractor combines traditional holistic therapies with the latest technology to balance the body and mind.

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The newly updated stress management services are provided by Dr. Tomek Pajak at The Neuro Lounge. Dr. Tomek used his two decades of studying health and personal experience to create his unique approach to managing stress and healing the body.

The Yaletown chiropractor harnesses the power of effective holistic treatments and uses them alongside modern solutions including BrainTap, Red Light Therapy, and Network Chiropractic. It is explained that this innovative approach restores the body and mind with natural and gentle therapies.

BrainTap is a cutting-edge technology that combines light and sound headsets to promote deep relaxation, enhance the production of neurotransmitters, create new neural connections, boost mood, improve blood flow, and enhance learning.

Another treatment used to manage stress at the clinic is their Full Body Red Light Therapy. This treatment uses the LightStim LED Bed to provide wavelengths of light from the red and near-infrared spectrum.

The light is absorbed by the skin and encourages healing at a cellular level. The clinic states that the benefits include decreased tension and pain, increased energy, and further long-term positive benefits when used in conjunction with BrainTap.

Network chiropractic is a non-invasive and holistic therapy to enhance spine and body health. The chiropractor uses gentle and precise contacts with the hands to assess and enhance the body’s self awareness strategies.

This can provide a more efficient nervous system and makes the patient more aware of their body and its natural processes. Alongside helping to ease pain and other conditions, it is an effective treatment to counteract stress and anxiety.

A patient has said of their experience: “Dr. Tomek really takes the time to explain his knowledge of the nervous system and how stress can impact our health in so many ways. He is very personable, patient, and professional. I had a great experience and look forward to more sessions with him.”

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