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A range of updated custom steel fabrication services has been launched by Arcline Fabrication (+1-815-630-4772) for manufacturing businesses across Illinois.

ArcLine Fabrication, multifunctional industrial contractors and fabrication specialists based in Rockdale, IL, have launched updated services for manufacturing plants and chemical refineries in the greater Chicagoland and NW Indiana areas.

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The launch puts ArcLine’s field installation expertise into the hands of businesses and plant operators with their range of customized and innovative fabricated products. The company offer years of experience and leadership across industries.

According to Industry Select, Illinois is home to over 15,000 manufacturers employing over 700,000 workers. The state has one of the largest industrial outputs in the U.S. High quality and advanced technology-based fabrication is essential for these businesses if they are to keep up with demand and maintain production standards.

ArcLine Fabrication offer clients high-end steel and alloy production, including x-ray quality ASME pipe welding and fitting – suitable for use in petro-chemical and food-grade production facilities. Also available are the company’s CNC cutting services.

Clients can also benefit from an expanded range of mechanical and mobile welding services, providing fast response for companies in need of repairs. ArcLine Fabrication also provide equipment relocation, scaffolding and advanced machining.

The highly skilled team can provide fabrication and installation of insulation for piping systems, tanks, vessels, reactors and pumps. They offer conscientious attention to customer’s ideas and requirements while ensuring that all regulatory safety and design features provide optimal functionality and efficiency.

ArcLine Fabrication was founded by Jim Lutovsky and Trevor Hein. Together they offer over 50 years of experience in manufacturing, fabrication and installation as well as expertise in industrial and commercial construction contracting. ArcLine are committed to high standards of customer care through communication, transparency and timely delivery of services at competitive, cost-effective rates.

A spokesperson says, “Our ability to deal with clients ‘one on one’ enables us to understand and deliver what they intended. Our wide-ranging experience, exposure and adaptability empowers us to meet the ever changing demands of the market.”

Through the expansion of their steel and alloy fabrication, maintenance and field installation services, ArcLine Fabrication continue to put high quality, customized products into customers hands across Illinois and nationwide. For more information visit