Boston MA Employee Termination Security/Violence Prevention Service Launched

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New England Security has launched its updated employee termination security service in Boston, Massachusetts. Its workplace violence security specialists are skilled and expertly trained.

New England Security has launched its updated employee termination security service in Boston, Massachusetts. The company specializes in preventing workplace violence at termination meetings.

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The updated service by New England Security ensures that a company’s staff and workplace is safe from violence and vandalism after an employees termination. Termination meetings can create a highly charged and emotional environment with the possibility of violence and having skilled and trained security guards at the meeting can significantly lower the threat of violence.

New England Security Protective Service eliminates any worries an employer may have of a hostile and dangerous work environment forming upon the dismissal of an employee. The company carefully assesses the level of threat in each situation. Based on the likelihood and the potential severity of violence, the company will assign off-duty officers, former or active cops, federal agents, or other professionally qualified security personnel.

New England Security Protective Service can assign security specialists that are armed, uniformed, in plain clothes, business casual, or suit and tie. The company takes a customized approach to each case to evaluate and determine specific needs.

New England Security’s skilled professionals will take part in carefully planning termination meetings with management, human resources, and security. As part of the preparation for the termination meeting, New England Security’s private investigation team can assemble a detailed report on the employee that will be fired to determine the potential of additional threats, if the employee possesses any registered firearms, and collect any other important data that could assist in protecting a company’s leadership and staff.

Violence erupting from an employee termination can cause major reputational damage to a firm and result in injuries or the resignation of key employees. Hiring a trusted and well-respected company like New England Security can ensure that a firing is handled smoothly with minimal disruption to a company.

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