Eric Bergen Featured In New Episode Of The In Crowd Series By Diagonal Media

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Diagonal Media launches a new episode of their series, The In Crowd, featuring Erich Bergen. The newly released interview covers a range of topics from getting started in the media to virtual galas.

Diagonal Media, a global creative marketing agency focused on brand awareness, video production, and graphic design, has released a new episode of their original series, The In Crowd. The newest episode features an exclusive interview with Erich Bergen, a star of Madam Secretary, Jersey Boys, and many more hit shows.

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The In Crowd series highlights successful people in the media, film, and TV industries, with a focus on how they made it to the top. In the newly released episode, Erich Bergen discusses what was instrumental to becoming a success as a performer and creator, and how to begin in the entertainment industry.

Erich Bergen is an American actor, singer, and presenter, best known for his roles in Jersey Boys and Madame Secretary. He’s also credited on Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, and Person of Interest, and he joined the cast of the musical Waitress on Broadway, as one of the leading roles, Dr. Pomatter.

In this episode of In Crowd, some of the topics covered include how to succeed at an audition and the importance of having a mentor early on in a career. Erich also discusses the personal details of dealing with a cancer diagnosis and deciding to speak out about it.

The wide-ranging interview touches on how Erich Bergen got started in the media industry at a young age without having the parental connections that are so common. They also discuss how it felt to be part of a coming-out story in a network television show, where Erich played a bisexual character.

Diagonal Media and Erich Bergen have worked on many live virtual events over the last year and raised millions of dollars for dozens of nonprofits. The interview also covers the changing landscape of media, and how virtual galas are more effective at re-engaging nonprofit donors than the more well-known style of in-person galas.

As both a well-known actor and a behind-the-scenes virtual event producer, Erich Bergen is well situated to give advice on how to start a career in the arts. He has acted in a national theatre tour, multiple major motion pictures, on Broadway, and has been a star on a CBS Sunday night anchor show.

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