Weighted Blankets For Anxiety Relief – Deep Pressure Stimulation Range Launched

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Renew Blanket announces its new collection of limited-edition six- and 12-pound weighted blankets. Therapeutic blankets are used to reduce anxiety and depression and minimize pain.

Renew Blankets announces its updated collection of weighted blankets to include limited-edition designs such as mosaics, girl power, military appreciation, and love for healthcare workers. The global supplier of weighted blankets improves people’s sleep through deep pressure therapy.

More details can be found at http://www.renewblankets.com

The newly announced limited-edition designs feature one-of-a-kind patterns to make each weighted blanket more special. Currently, the limited-edition weighted blankets are being offered at a price reduction as part of the company’s mission to have more people have better sleep.

Emerging data show that weighted blankets have therapeutic benefits for people suffering from anxiety and depression and may even reduce physical pain. These therapeutic blankets, which can weigh anywhere between five- and 30-pounds, mimic deep pressure stimulation which has relieving effects on the nervous system.

Renew Blankets offers handmade and customized six- or 12-pound blankets. Customers can also choose what type of fabric they would prefer, from cotton to mixed-blend to Alexander Henry. Regardless of choice, therapeutic blankets can be used by anyone and are recommended for relieving pain, lessening anxiety, and improving mood.

Weighted blankets imitate deep pressure stimulation to improve overall wellness. It is a more affordable alternative to regular therapy and massages as people have the comfort they need in their homes. To receive its full benefits, it is recommended to wrap the blanket all around the body, especially during moments of pain or anxiety.

When choosing a weighted blanket, experts recommend choosing one that is around five to 10 percent of the person’s body weight. It should also fit snugly to the size of the bed.

Further, though weighted blankets are generally safe for everyone, people who have obstructive sleep apnea, asthma, or claustrophobia should consult with their medical doctor before purchasing a therapeutic blanket.

A spokesperson for the company wrote, “We want to improve your quality of life and bring a sense of healing. Each blanket is made with premium fabric and weighs 12 pounds. We consider our blankets as works of art, unique and perfect in their own way.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting http://www.renewblankets.com