AI Nonprofit Campaigns – Strategic Fundraising/Donor Insights Software Launched

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Fundmetric (800) 231-6396, a new innovative AI-powered software designed for nonprofit fundraising, has been launched. This software will help nonprofits effectively target and engage lifelong donors.

An innovative application has been launched, called Fundmetric. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help nonprofits manage and expand an existing donor base and streamline fundraising efforts.

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Fundmetric will help nonprofits turn one-time donors into lifetime supporters. This software lets nonprofits use data to create donor models and launch campaigns on one platform. It also helps nonprofits truly understand who donors are and build caring relationships.

Fundraising faced heavy challenges in 2020 due to COVID- 19 since many fundraising efforts depend on in-person gatherings. This caused fundraisers to become much more dependent on social media, nonprofit websites, and email to make needed connections with potential donors.

Fundmetric will make future nonprofit fundraising efforts more effective and more efficient by combining existing donor data with data from outside sources to get a 360-degree view of who donors are.

This software does not replace existing systems but instead, lives as a top layer to better organize data. Fundmetric tools can then be used to highly personalize email communications with donors and also track donor engagement.

The best donors are not always the wealthiest. Rather, the best donors are people who care about a nonprofit’s cause. Fundmetric predictive analytics will help discover what donors care about, how they prefer to communicate, and what messaging will most likely engage donors.

Fundmetric makes donor data highly visual, and custom predictive models will allow nonprofits to build smarter donor lists. Typical donor scoring is not always effective. Fundmetric can help fill the gaps in donor models.

More about the problems with typical scoring can be seen here:

Powerful dashboards allow nonprofits to compare campaigns and know when donors are responding to communications. These dashboards also help determine the most effective daily efforts

This information allows fundraisers to adjust mid-campaign. Fundmetric will create individualized giving pages for donors helping them know that they matter to the nonprofit.

No matter what state a nonprofit’s data is in or what platform it is on, Fundmetric can help a nonprofit capture and refine it and gain insights to launch smarter campaigns.

Fundmetric users will have a dedicated team of software engineers, data scientists, and customer support to ensure successful software adoption. The Fundmetric team wants to help nonprofits expand creative and targeted digital initiatives.

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