Anchoring Kit Design/Manufacturer Business By LGBT Female Entrepreneur Launched

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Veronica Janice, founder of design and manufacturing company VG Creatives, LLC, is announcing the launch of their multi-use Jawn-it-ALL kit that tethers and secures free-standing structures to every variety of terrain.

VG Creatives, LLC, a design and manufacturing company that produces anchoring systems for free-standing shade and protective structures, has announced the launch of the Jawn-it-ALL. This universal multi-purpose anchoring kit enables the securing of any number of portable structures to every type of terrain.

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The newly launched Jawn-it-ALL is an easy, convenient and dependable solution for homeowners, campers, beach goers, festivals and any other individual or organization looking for properly engineered anchoring systems all in ONE light weight system. The Jawn-it-ALL is now available for purchase at the company’s online store and major online marketplaces.

Veronica Janice, the founder of VG Creatives, LLC, says the events that sparked her entrepreneurial pursuits are not all positive. As a transgendered female working for a national company, Janice was forced to contend with workplace harassments and an upper management team that allowed an individual to be toxic without proper remediation or addressing complaints made by her.

Veronica abruptly left that position without any financial savings in August of 2019, a position she had occupied for 11 years as a top employee at a $20 million enterprise. Not wanting to go down a path of negativity, legal fights or non-productive actions, Veronica Janice stayed positive through all the obstacles she has encountered, which is more than most are willing to work through.

In less than 19 months, she created a product line consisting of 27 SKU’s, with more products on the drawing board prototyped and ready for next steps to production. Veronica also developed a game, soon to be launched later this year, as well as additional Gator Jawn products currently in development.

In addition to designing and inventing these products, she designed all the assembly fixtures and machines for production. Since there were no commercially available machines capable of performing the required operations with the consistency and quality needed for her products, she designed and built all the equipment, sending only the larger component items to machine shops for manufacturing.

Once done, she then got her own small milling machine and set it up in her kitchen to finalize and dial in all the necessary tweaks and adjustments for a fully production capable assembly line.

The quarantine took effect in the midst of the company launch in March of 2020, along with her legal name change, an SBA Loan Application which ran out of funding due to pandemic related loans at that time, and left VG Creatives without funding.

Undeterred, she has made it through startup by taking on every aspect of business setup herself, initially surviving off of unemployment and using all available disbursements from her 401K to purchase materials and inventory. The operation started gaining momentum and sales were happening.

Veronica was ready to bring in people to help with product photography, photo shoots, marketing and company set up. However, the pandemic did not allow for this to happen. She was thus forced to pick up and learn photography with a gifted DSLR camera from her mother to do the work herself.

“Learning photography for product shoots is completely different from taking some snapshots of friends at a party or event” said Veronica. Taking it another step further to learn Photoshop and Premiere Pro and all the necessary tools within the Adobe Cloud suite software of tools proved challenging for someone who spent their entire career in product development and engineering. This was new ground to break.

With a better understanding and appreciation for the photography industry and the knowledge and skills it takes to perform these skillful and highly necessary functions, Veronica knows her work is only temporary, with ever improving product photos by professionals on the horizon.

Veronica Janice also continued to handle almost every aspect of the company as it is now, with little to no help from outside vendors and only paying a couple of friends to pitch in, helping with some executive management and specific marketing on social platforms, and another friend placed on the assembly line as the only source of assistance. This has been a one woman venture with a long and dedicated difficult road traveled.

From the initial product design and development to the design of the molds used to create the product, the production line and assembly fixtures to the website, marketplace listings and ads, to running the blog posts and company YouTube channel, the financial bookkeeping setup, creating the instruction manuals and guides, labels, packaging and testing of the products strengths, to creating all the policies required for online E-commerce, to running the production line, there is not an aspect of this company, its products or actions Veronica has not performed.

Creating and launching a completely new product within 12 months to an entire product line in 18 months is a very short period for product development and launch by most corporate standards. Veronica Janice has been the mechanical and electrical engineering manager while also being the tooling manager, with prior experience as an injection mold designer, overseas procurement and manager of all outsourced tooling heading efforts, bringing back containers of injection molds back to the USA for production, designing and writing of the assembly processes to providing accurate product costing, and estimating of all things financial. She knows and understands all aspects of the product development and manufacturing and management process.

The recent call back from the popular television show “Shark Tank” after submitting an application for the company’s products to their show for the 2021 season is an exciting opportunity for Veronica. “I am very excited to be part of the selection process and have the opportunity to present the products we make,” she says.

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