Mortal Kombat Gaming Sleeve Launched For Increased Focus & Performance

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eSmartr has launched a new Mortal Kombat compression sleeve for gamers. The sleeve help improve focus and cognitive function to enhance gaming performance.

eSmartr, a neuroscience and wellness company, has announced the launch of its Mortal Kombat smart compression gaming sleeve. The company develops drug-free cognitive enhancement technology to help their customers reach their full potential.

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The launch of the Mortal Kombat gaming sleeve aims to give gamers a natural, non-invasive boost to cognitive functioning. eSmartr knows that gamers prioritize frame-perfect efficiency, and this product line seeks to give them a competitive edge.

The sleeve produced by eSmartr use proprietary Cognitive Boost Technology to improve mental performance. The sleeve stimulates skin receptors, which send a variety of signals in response. These signals are interpreted by cognitive networks in the brain, which induce a state of increased focus and calmness. eSmartr’s technology is entirely evidence-based, as a case study published by Dr. Robert W. Thatcher found that the smart compression sleeve produced observable results within 20 minutes.

The company developed the Mortal Kombat gaming sleeve to give gamers the benefits of Cognitive Boost Technology with the artwork of a beloved gaming franchise.

The sleeve is designed to reduce stress, anxiety, and mental fog. In addition, wearers experience enhanced focus, improved memory, and increased attention. The sleeve is made of a comfortable 80% polyester and 20% spandex fabric. The fabric is lightweight and has antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties.

The sleeve is available in both full arm and forearm lengths, and sizes XS to XL can be purchased. A sizing guide is available on the product page to ensure a perfect fit.

With the launch of the Mortal Kombat gaming sleeve, the company shows its dedication to helping customers excel in their field. The company’s wide range of focus-enhancing sleeves can improve performance in gaming, academic, and professional endeavors.

Users report experiencing noticeable increases in cognitive ability when wearing the sleeves, as a satisfied customer said: “I have been having trouble focusing and concentrating lately, so I decided to give these smart compression sleeves a try. I seem to be much more focused and calm when wearing the sleeve. I am quite pleased with these results.”

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