Ethically Sourced Sustainable Premium-Quality Caviar Collection Launched

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US caviar supplier, Sterling Caviar, announces its updated line of premium caviar. The company specializes in ethically sourced caviar and uses sustainable methods to obtain its products.

Sterling Caviar announces its updated line of ethically sourced fine caviar which can be eaten on its own or paired with other fine foods. The supplier obtains its caviar using environmentally friendly methods to reduce pressure on wild sturgeon stocks.

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The newly updated line features several variations of caviar to suit individual palates. For first-time caviar buyers, Sterling recommends its Classic caviar which features a nutty, robust, and smooth taste. This White Sturgeon caviar is characterized by its small to medium, semi-firm to very firm eggs. It also features a unique coloring that ranges from onyx to light or dark brown.

Caviar lovers are recommended the Royal caviar which is also known as “Black Gold”. This caviar features medium to large, semi-firm to firm eggs, and can range from onyx to light or dark brown. Unlike the classic caviar, royal caviar is creamier and has a rich, buttery flavor with a mildly sweet-salty aroma.

Those who want an extravagant experience can try the updated Supreme caviar. This White Sturgeon caviar is made of large, firm to very firm eggs. The caviar is highlighted by its hazelnut and earthy flavoring that is ended with a velvety finish. Though decadent, this caviar is an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys the finer joys in life.

Sterling Caviar is recognized as the leading supplier of caviar in the US. To celebrate its updated caviar line, the company is also announcing its Kilo Club for those who want to get more caviar at a reduced price. Each membership package includes eight deliveries of 125-grams of the caviar of choice and 25% off additional caviar orders for one year.

A spokesperson of the company said, “Caviar is the pinnacle of gastronomic experience. Savor it on its own, or pair it with other foods – caviar can enhance any food experience. Be it a social gathering or an intimate affair, caviar elevates the mood. Found on the menus of some of the world’s finest restaurants, Sterling Caviar is “The American Caviar.”

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