Some Elements To Keep in Mind While Deciding on a Wedding Ring Style for Stunning Looks

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( — May 18, 2021) — Choosing or designing a unique wedding ring could prove to be an overwhelming task. However, it could be a cakewalk if you follow the chief guiding principle of choosing a unique wedding band- choose a wedding band that is a true reflection of your personality and style. Your wedding ring should complement your lifestyle rather than interfere with or hamper your lifestyle. If you are a travel aficionado, you should choose a wedding band style that seems to be discreet enough to assure complete security while abroad. As per Forbes, thanks to the global pandemic, people are opting more for Zoom weddings and engagements. More people are today opting for simple wedding bands because they can be cleaned or worn easily despite frequent hand washing and constant exposure to sanitizers. Simple wedding bands are pretty popular today. People are forced by circumstances to dress more casually because of the COVID-19 and the associated home quarantine or self-isolation practices.

Your wedding band should not only be a reflection of an image you are trying to project in social situations and the workplace, but your wedding ring style should be practical and functional as well. You would naturally choose a wedding band style that you love, it will not cause any harm if you pay a little attention to the way your wedding ring may complement and fit into your everyday lifestyle.

The Height as Per Age

If you are 30 plus, your hands would look more attractive with a little more height. If you are below thirty years of age, it is best to opt for relatively lower profiles.

Finger Size & Age Determine Central Element Size

The size of your finger and your age will go a long way in determining the overall wedding ring dimension. The central element should be wider in case of a relatively larger finger. Larger and bolder gemstones best complement mature hands. Smaller and younger fingers get a balanced look in relatively smaller-sized central gems or fine design elements. Choose from an amazing assortment of wedding bands from Epic Wedding Bands.

Width & Finger Size

If your fingers are mature and large, then you may opt for wider-shanked rings. Younger and smaller fingers look far more elegant in a narrow-shank ring. Moreover, people with big bones may consider wearing wedding rings that have wider shanks.

Curved or Straight Shank

Even though there are no stringent rules to choosing your wedding ring style, it is best to choose a curved shank if your fingers are small. You may consider trying out different styles and determine what best suits your fingers and complements the overall look.

Finishes & Textures

High polish finishes and finer designs look best on younger hands since a highly polished wedding band will be highlighting and complementing your smooth flawless skin. If you are thirty or above then you may choose complicated design components and textured finish. Engraved detail wedding bands complement everyone across all age groups.

Color of the Metal Used

Should you go for platinum or white gold? Are you in favor of yellow gold or rose gold? Are you confused? When in doubt, it is best to choose rose gold or yellow gold in case of warm skin tones. White metals complement cooler skin tones. Yet there are some people whose skin tones look great in all types of wedding band metal colors.

Personality is the Key

People with a prominent personality may not choose tiny rings in delicate designs. Individuals who are in the limelight like actors, politicians, speakers should flaunt larger rings in bold styles to stand out from the rest. If you are a far reserved and shy individual, a big bold wedding band design may look totally out of place.


There are no fixed or stringent rules. Experts have only shared the best advice possible while choosing the wedding band style so that you can identify the ideal ring complementing your fingers, hands, and overall personality. Keeping these elements in mind could help you identify your dream wedding ring.