New Study Links Long Work Hours and Depression

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( — May 26, 2021) Orlando, FL — Today, more and more research studies are warning against the undesirable effects of certain jobs. There are also researchers who look into the various health impacts of work-related factors, such as work duration.

A new UCL-led study was published in the BMJ’s Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.

In this study, it has been found that women who work over 55 hours every week had an increased risk of depression. However, it is worth noting that such is not the case for men. 

This research involved more than 20,000 adults whose income, age, health, and job characteristics were taken into account. The investigators have found that women who worked extra-long hours had more depressive symptoms by 7.3 percent than females who worked a standard 35 to 40 week. 

It has further been shown that weekend working was associated with a heightened risk of depression among both sexes. 

The researchers also noted that females who worked for all or most weekends had 4.6 percent more depressive symptoms on average than women working only weekdays. The findings also revealed that men tended to work longer hours in paid work than women.

This is just one of the studies that look into the link between depression and work. Many researchers have been carrying out research to find out more about depression and how it develops.

There are also studies that look into the best possible remedies for the condition. In some interesting research studies, it has been shown beneficial bacteria like probiotics may be useful.

It is worth mentioning that in the recent years, the popularity of probiotics has been skyrocketing. Many studies have even demonstrated that their use is linked with a myriad of health benefits.

The reason why probiotics have been found beneficial for the brain and mental health is because of what is called the gut-brain axis (GBA). A special group of probiotics called psychobiotics have been found beneficial in the treatment of mental health issues, such as depression. 

By taking good care of the gut, digestive enzymes also work wonders in benefiting mental health.

More research studies are still being carried out to learn more about the best benefits of digestive enzymes for mental health. However, it remains unchanged that their use is widespread due to the myriad of health benefits they offer.

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