Automated Glass Cleaning Device For Windows/Mirrors And Shower Cabins Launched

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Home Robot LLC, the official US retailer of HOBOT products, releases a new window cleaning device equipped with a highly efficient water spray feature and vacuum.

Home Robot LLC launches a new automated window cleaning device to the US market. The HOBOT-298 features the trademark ultrasonic water spray that the world-famous brand is known for.

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The newly launched product provides a convenient way to clean glass surfaces in homes, as well as in offices, restaurants, cafes, and other types of small businesses.

Using its unique technology, the HOBOT-298 is capable of producing a dense mist out of regular water, which it uses to dissolve dust on surfaces. The cleaning method does not leave watermarks, making it an optimal solution for cleaning not just windows, but also mirrors and shower cabins.

The robot is equipped with a powerful vacuum that allows it to remove dust and other impurities from glass. The same feature is responsible for the device’s ability to remain on the surface without the support of magnets.

A 24×24 cm microfiber cloth is attached to the HOBOT-298, along with two caterpillar threads that propel the device’s movement at a speed of 12cm per second. The combination of these components enables the window cleaning robot to cover a one square meter area within 2.4 minutes.

The HOBOT-298 comes with a mobile app that operates the device via Bluetooth connection. Aside from serving as a remote control, the app can also send an alert when cleaning is done, among other types of notifications.

Headquartered in Florida, Home Robot LLC is the official and authorized distributor of HOBOT products in the US. As their spokesperson states, “We represent HOBOT Technology Inc. in the United States because of innovative concepts they bring to the industry of home robots, from patented unique technology of movement to high performance.”

The representative also shares, “Our vision is to promote a world where science and technology are embraced as a part of everyday life and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.”

With this latest announcement, Home Robot LLC brings US households and businesses a device that cleans windows and other glass surfaces efficiently, and with satisfactory results.

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